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    • SEO Hacker Year-end Round-up

      As the year is about to end, all I can say is that 2017 is one of the most important years of SEO Hacker. As we are about to end our seventh year, we have had some posts that can be considered to be our most popular for the year. Each of these months have given us an article that SEO professional and beginners alike have found very informative and insightful.

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    • Happy New Year SEO Hackers!

      On behalf of the team here at SEO Hacker, we wish all of you a Happy New Year! With 2017 being an important year for the company’s growth, with a lot of development focused on our team and services, we have definitely made it count. These experiences have simply made us a better company with a stronger team that is ready to take on all the challenges.

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    • Daring SEO Strategies You Must Try This 2018

      With SEO experiencing another big year in 2017, this 2018 looks to improve on those results. For our team at SEO Hacker, we have been able to help some of our biggest clients experience their highest search rankings, and even helped made their sites more accessible and user-friendly than ever. Their presence and visibility on the internet, which includes search engines and soc ...

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  • Exploring’s Keyword Research Tool

    A few months back, we did a review for, which became a part of our vast SEO toolbox due to its versatility. Some of the many tools that offers include Domain Finding and Research, Site Management, Rank, Tracking, Client Acquisition, and Keyword Research. With this amount of tools at your disposal, truly is one of the best SEO tools around.

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  • Effective SEO Team Management Tips That You Should Try Out

    … The most important element of good SEO is having well-managed team that works together smoothly and effectively. Having a great and well-managed SEO team will ensure that you have an SEO company that is able to strive for success, and be able to grow even bigger. At SEO Hacker, we have a company creed called GRIBEE (Grit, Respect for Work…

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  • Simplicity is Key: WordLift Tool Review

    … graph along with a full-text analysis that machines and search engines alike can understand. For example, if you were to write “Sean Si is the CEO of SEO Hacker”, WordLift will automatically analyze the entities in the sentence. In this case, it’s “Sean Si”, “CEO”, and “SEO Hacker”. What WordLift does is that it makes the search engines and machines…

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  • SEO Summit 2017: A Recap

    …. Key Takeaway Overall, this is the best SEO Summit yet. From the interactivity between us, the speakers and the audience to the happy faces that came out of the venue doors when the Summit ended. This year’s Summit attracted a lot of attendees, and I can’t be any happier. My team (SEO Hacker) and I continue to innovate and strive for a much better…

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  • It’s Time to Stop Saying “Oh S***” When Your Rankings Fluctuate

    … Rankings fluctuate for everyone so keep this knowledge in mind as you go through your website’s SEO. It doesn’t matter what you did ‘wrong’ because the only thing that matters is what you do next – and I’m going to tell you exactly what to do when your rankings fluctuate. The important thing to remember is that you should always remain calm…

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  • SEO Summit 2017: The Journey Goes On

    … common reason for this is because they find the process complex. In regards to this matter, several SEO companies in the Philippines conduct seminars and events that make an effort to help people understand how to use and apply SEO on their businesses and websites. One of such event is the annual gathering of SEO experts hosted by SEO Hacker…

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  • Combining SEO and PPC as a Strategy and their Pros and Cons

    … Search Engine Optimization has been in existence for a number of years, and with it came other alternatives that practitioners can use. There is no doubt that SEO is at the top of the list when ranking a website is the topic at hand. Using SEO as a marketing strategy, however, also has its setbacks and problems that numerous people have often…

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  • AMP Content Links Spread Outside of Search Results

    … of their platform AMP friendly. This upward trend will continue well on into the future – and I intend to be a part of it. Anyway, the “big publishers” will definitely continue experimenting and innovating with AMP and I think that’s great. Anything that makes the user-experience better is good for SEO, at least in my opinion. What are your thoughts with AMP? Do you like the changes that are happening? Let me know in the comments below! …

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  • Facebook is Testing a New Way to Show Ads on their Videos

    … for a limited of 15 seconds (or less). The great thing about this new feature is that Facebook is also allowing advertisers to choose the categories of the videos that they want their ads to appear; this is also the same with categories that they want to avoid. What this means is that if my ad is SEO-centric, then I can choose to only show it to people…

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  • Minor SEO Errors That You May Be Making!

    … I still can’t believe it’s already 2017 when it feels like only a few days ago that it was 2016. *Ba-dum-tss* okay, no more puns, I promise. Anyway, SEO is something that I’ve loved doing for a long time now. We’ve discussed many topics over the past couple of years and so, I’d like to take a step back and talk about something a little more…

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  • SEO Hacker’s Top 10 of 2016

    … Happy New Year, SEO Hackers! It’s our sixth year and we are still going strong! As an SEO Company here in the Philippines, we are now larger than ever and it is because of YOU that we are where we are right now. I believe that this is the perfect opportunity for us to review what we did last year so I will be listing down some of SEO Hacker’s…

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  • Google Releases “Top Stories”

    … advantage over its older sibling was that it relied on a wider set of sources from all over the internet which increased its results as well as tapping into other credible websites that produced quality, share-worthy content. Earlier this month, Google changed things up again by launching “Top Stories”, a modernized, better-performing card-style design…

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  • Get the Most Out of Your ORM With this Tool

    … Just getting it out there – this isn’t a product review. It’s an article on understanding how to take advantage of Net Promoter Score or NPS using Qeryz – a free customer feedback survey tool. Basically speaking, ORM or Online Reputation Management is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Depending on how you handle your ORM, it can either…

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  • The Must-Have Gmail Optimization Tool – Hiver

    … If you’re a heavy, everyday user of Gmail (like I am), you know for a fact that there are some things lacking when it comes to following up on emails with clients or with people in your team, or turning emails into tasks. Because let’s face it: Emails are as good as tasks and follow-ups are a pain. Hiver fixed that for me and my team. Here’s how…

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