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    • Sculpting the Perfect Meta Tag

      One of the most basic aspects of content writing is crafting the perfect meta tag to go with it. In an earlier post, we discussed that meta tags are one of the most basic elements of SEO and that they have been around for a really long time. A lot of people feel that meta tags are complicated and some might even argue an altogether different language like computer code.

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  • How AntRanks Can Help You With Your SEO

    … some links have immediate results, some might take time. There are a lot of criteria that anchors Google rankings; some of them are the domain authority of the website linking back to yours, the quality of the content, and the traffic your link is getting. One such tool that can in this endeavor is AntRanks. This tool is advantageous for SEO…

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  • How to Predict Your Potential Customers’ Keywords

    … Content creation is one of the most fulfilling yet difficult tasks that SEO Specialists face. The main problem is making the article interesting enough so that people would like. That’s a problem that we tackled in one of my previous articles and today we’re going to be tackling a different debacle – keywords. Many SEO specialists will tell…

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  • How Server Errors Affect Your SEO Efforts

    … When it comes to SEO and trying to improve the optimisation of a website, server header status codes should not be overlooked. They can both improve and severely damage your onsite SEO. Therefore it’s vital that search engine optimisers understand how they work and how they can be interpreted by search engines like Google and Bing. How Header…

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  • How to Use Click Bait Titles for SEO

    … “You’ll never guess why a certain SEO company decided to do…” I’m certain that you’ve encountered these types of links or posts on your preferred social media service and you may have clicked on them once or twice. These are called click baits and they are designed to prey on people’s innate state of eternal curiosity. Click baits are often…

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  • LinkProcessor: Push Your Pages to the Top

    … Creating backlinks can be a tricky business because it’s all about pursuing both quality and quantity. Link Builders are constantly looking for new ways on how to improve backlinks to improve their website’s ranking. There are different ways to do this ranging from the difficult to the time-consuming. Now, have you ever wondered if Google even…

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  • Reviewing BuzzSumo: Internet Marketing Made Easier

    …. BuzzSumo is one of the most publicly lauded applications in the world in the fields that utilize data such as SEO and Internet Marketing. It is the secret weapon in many SEO Specialists’ armoury simply because it is such a powerful tool that’s just so easy to use. BuzzSumo has three primary functions, namely: Content Discovery Finding Core…

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  • Broken Link Building Tutorial for Beginners

    …, Former SEO Executive of Seer Interactive, is a process of contacting a webmaster for a broken resource found on his website and suggesting to replace it with correct links, one is your resource. You have two methods of executing the broken link building process: broken link replacement and content suggestion. Two Methods in Broken Link Building…

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  • SEO Summit 2016 Presentations – Summary of Learning

    … My palms were sweaty as I felt the adrenaline build on my chest. Heart felt like it was roaring blood. SEO Summit is the annual event that I’m always nervous about. And you see that’s funny because it’s an event by SEO Hacker. This year was our third year. And we decided to post all the Powerpoint decks right here at our blog. I’ll try to put…

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  • How we Structured our Internal SEO Team Meetings for Extreme Efficiency

    … guy who may even be outsourcing a lot of the work to other people – this is for you. We all Hate Meetings That’s because meetings eat up a lot of our time. We have things to do, deadlines to meet, coffee to brew and a dog to pet (yep our office has a dog running around). And meetings are a bummer. It takes us out of the stuff we need done…

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  • SEO Hacker’s Top 10 of 2015

    … Happy Holidays SEO Hackers! It’s yet another year – our fifth year as a blog and as an SEO Services company here in the Philippines. As the year comes to a close, I’ve gathered the 10 most-read entries we wrote this year. This is in no particular order as I believe some of the less read posts have more value…

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  • How a Break from Work Helped Us Build an Amazing Team

    … that I look up to. And I’m always amazed by their greatness. They’re great not only because they work with so much passion, but also because they take time off, they value relationships, and they make sure that being a remote team wouldn’t harm their performance and camaraderie. I’m glad that we value the same thing in SEO Hacker. I hope you take time…

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  • SEO Hacker – Best of 2014

    … growth and the new developments in the years to come. But, what’s even more exciting is that we still get to write for you! Thanks for being an awesome part of our community, and keep sticking around because we’re sure to thrill you with more on SEO this coming 2015! P.S. If you want to continually receive the top 10 best of the web, subscribe to our monthly Growth Hacks newsletter. …

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  • Data Driven Entries: Key to Powerful Linkbaiting

    … interesting to see how it flew before even trying to do it. Knowing my Traffic I ran a Qeryz microsurvey here in SEO Hacker and got interesting responses about people’s preference of entries to check out here in our blog. Note that our readers are mostly new to advanced in the SEO world. It’s a 3-part questionnaire and it goes like this: Question 1…

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