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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Efforts by Studying Your Competitors

    …, and perceived. The direct competitors are your priority. Identify the most successful as the place to start. Here are five ways you can improve your SEO by learning the tactics and strategies of your competitors. Look at their website. How does it measure up? Is it easy to navigate, does it load quickly, can you tell immediately what they are about…

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  • The WordPress Developer’s Guide to Basic SEO

    … WordPress is a great and easy to use platform for publishing content, but effective search engine optimization is essential to maximize traffic and income. There are numerous plugins which claim to help sites optimize for SEO, but Yoast SEO is generally recognized as one of the best. That said, simply installing a plugin will not do all…

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  • How to Appear in the Google Answers Box: A Complete Guide

    … for websites to increase their visibility and traffic; however, the question is how people can get their websites to appear in the Google answers box. There are a few characteristics that Google looks for to make this happen. Structured Data is Key The tricks of SEO are still helpful for Google answers box. Google is still looking for information…

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  • Disavowal Due Diligence: Your Guide To Google’s Disavow Tool

    … can disavow the vast majority of harmful links more quickly than if you checked the links one by one. Organizing the links by domain name will also eliminate the problem of duplicate links, or links from the same page, which often slow down the search process. In addition to domain name, it also makes sense to organize the links by how recently…

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  • 5 Tools to Build A Stronger Link Portfolio

    … Building a strong link profile can be difficult, especially considering recent changes to Google’s search algorithm. Some may go as far as to ask: Is link-building still relevant in SEO? If so, how has the “rules” changed? Moving forward in 2017, what can you do to improve your link profile get rid of the potentially toxic links…

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  • Help! My Client Wants SEO Services. Now What?

    … to partner with a professional agency, which we’ll talk about in a bit. Will SEO Provide More Revenue? Perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether or not it makes sense from a business standpoint. Will providing SEO services help you bring in significantly more revenue? Will it be worth the investment of hiring someone, outsourcing…

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  • The Most Important Part of Any SEO Strategy

    If I asked you to guess the number one difficulty businesses face when it comes to their SEO, I’m sure you would guess a number of things: getting the keyword research right, ranking for high-volume keywords, attracting a lot of backlinks, etc. The truth is, it’s something much more basic. It’s discipline.

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  • The Web Designer’s Handbook to Selling SEO

    As a web designer, your primary focus is on acquiring new clients and delivering a first class website. If you can do both of those things, you’re able to have a moderate amount of success. However, most designers don’t realize that they leave a ton of money on the table. The game doesn’t stop when the new site goes live. In fact, it’s just getting started.

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  • Can A 301 Redirect Be a Bad Idea For Your Website?

    … How Could a 301 Redirect Be a Bad Idea? When you are making major structural changes to a website, ensuring that you’ve gracefully depreciated any old pages is absolutely essential. A lot of people will tell you that using 301 redirects on all removed URLs is the best way to stay on Google’s good side in terms of 301 redirect strategy. The SEO…

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  • How to Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Offering SEO Services

    … started and earn a nearly effortless extra income. All you need to do is read the article, implement the suggestions, and reap the rewards. This is not some get rich quick scheme, or some sort of scammy and unethical approach to business either. I am going to show you how you can offer SEO services with no experience, deliver massive value…

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  • Google My Business Audit Checklist: 7 Tips to Keep Your Listing in Top Shape

    … If you have a business, you might already have a Google My Business account . If you previously had a Google Places account, you’ve been automatically switched to Google My Business. However, if you haven’t visited your account in a while, it’s time to make sure your information is current and correct. This Google My Business Audit will give you…

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  • 16 Safe Link Building Opportunities in 2016

    … When it comes to building inbound links, many search marketers (myself included) would put link building near the bottom of the list of ‘SEO tasks I actually enjoy doing’. In the age of Penguins, Pandas, and Hummingbirds (oh my!), it’s only getting more and more difficult to identify and act on quality link building opportunities. Fortunately…

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  • How to List your Business on Insider Pages for Free

    … submitted your site to Insider Pages. With a listing in this directory, you’ll be that much closer to gaining local relevance within your area, and increasing your ability to control your web presence. Guiding you through dynamic or complicated online marketing tricks for little or no cost is just one of the business-increasing services Up City can provide. Visit www.upcity.comfor more ideas. The post How to List your Business on Insider Pages for Free appeared first on SEO Software | Inbound Marketing Software | UpCity. …

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  • Eight Free or Low-Cost Conversion Tracking Platforms & Tools

    … Marketing your business is not a simple process. It requires endless planning, adaptation to your market and follow through of purchases. However, modern technologies, made possible with the advent of mobile technology, are transforming how you market your business. Today, more customers are connected to the internet than ever before, and how…

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