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  • Look Ma, No Hands: How Voice Search Will Affect SEO

    … of results to be given other than simply reciting them chronologically. While this is technically a viable option, it doesn’t quite reflect the smooth, seamless interactions one thinks about in relation to the future of digital personal assistants. Have you heard about our award winning agency? Take a fresh look at what Relevance can do…

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  • The New Schools of Thought in SEO: Algorithm Chasers vs. Audience Pleasers

    In years past, there used to be just two schools of thought in SEO: whitehats and blackhats. The sad fact is (even if you were part of the “good guys”) your actions—whether content-related or technical—were often driven and dictated by Google’s algorithm. It’s job security, right? I’ve even been guilty of glibly saying that Google’s 400 algorithm changes per year would ensure ...

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  • The Future of Mobile Is Search, Not Just “SEO”

    … comment I hadn’t really written much at all about the update. The Future of Mobile Is Search, Not Just “SEO” This post isn’t about optimising your site for organic search results on mobile devices. Obviously, we’ve prepared for it, just like every other agency probably has. There’s hardly an excuse not to, given the myriad of excellent guides our…

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  • Great SEO Starts With The Right People

    … Hiring the right people is hard. Hiring the right people who have years of experience in this industry is extremely hard. With that said, I don’t think experience is always necessary to good hiring, or building a great company. You’ve had a lot of success in your own search marketing efforts, but when it comes to growing your own SEO team, do…

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  • Localisation Not Translation: Getting the Right Recipe for International SEO & Content

    I joined the ranks at Builtvisible back in August last year; a time when a series of challenging projects for a variety of clients in the international sphere were moulding into shape. In the short space in between late last summer and now, we’ve undertaken a number of projects from international keyword research and content marketing to audience profiling and on-site technical audits.

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