Seo: Redirects & Moving Sites

    • Relaunching your website? Don’t forget an SEO audit!

      So you’re going to redesign and relaunch your website. Congratulations! That’s certainly a major undertaking. But before your relaunch is live, you may want to perform an SEO audit, just to be safe. A proper SEO audit identifies potential SEO pitfalls prior to launch, giving you time to get issues fixed before you replace your current website.

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  • For e-commerce success: SEO > aesthetics

    … it!), as well as your brand’s name. Example: “office supplies for small business owners — Acme” Create unique titles Title tags allow search engines to understand the content of specific landing pages. Avoid creating duplicate titles across your site by forgoing the use of manufacturer or vendor titles, as these are likely the same titles they have sent…

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  • When going HTTPS, don’t forget about local citations!

    … on migrating a huge, complicated site with multiple teams and vendors, which is often the case with multi-location brands. One of the bigger complications we often come across is how to handle your local citations — the listings for your locations on various local search services such as Google My Business, Yelp,, and the main business listing…

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  • It’s scary how many ways SEO can go wrong

    … a problem can linger for far too long without your knowledge. Either way, the situation is scary — and you have to work hard and fast to fix whatever happened. Things Google tells you not to do There are many things Google warns about in their Webmaster Guidelines: Automatically generated content Participating in link schemes Creating pages…

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  • SEO requirements for a new website platform

    … it follow Google’s advice on pagination? Why is this important? Because canonicals allow you to eliminate duplicate and/or low-quality content that many platforms inevitably produce and, from an SEO point of view, it allows a site owner to direct the SEO “power” of those pages. 5. Supports ad hoc 301 redirect mapping The devil is in the details…

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  • 10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic

    … Whether you’re a seasoned SEO or someone who runs your own business, you know there are fluctuations in your organic traffic, but you may struggle to pinpoint the root cause. Organic search, unlike its paid counterpart, comes with a unique set of challenges in diagnosing a decline in traffic and conversions. There are some obvious places you…

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  • Help! I just launched a new website and my search rankings tanked!

    … as the owner of an SEO and online marketing agency. Your redesigned website was meant to give your business a new lease on life, but instead, you’ve destroyed your organic search rankings and traffic overnight. When you change your site without thoroughly thinking through the SEO implications, you might do something harmful like throw away substantive…

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  • Site Redesign & Migration Tips To Avoid SEO & UX Disasters

    …. Having been involved with several site migrations, I have seen online businesses make the same mistakes time and again. This guide shows how to avoid the most common SEO and UX pitfalls when redesigning, re-platforming or rebranding a website. When Things Go Wrong When things go wrong, the main failure is often due to strategic mistakes that take…

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  • SEO Disasters: Preventing The Unthinkable

    … visited pages. Even so, the pages were not broken. The only way to detect his problem would have been to audit the links on these pages vs. the content that should be generated on those pages (which is how I detected the problem). More Gotchas With the increasing technical complexity of websites and SEO, there is a huge list of potential issues…

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