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    • Essential voice search strategies for 2017

      There’s one thing that remains true about SEO: it’s always changing. One of the big changes that we’re experiencing now in local SEO is the increasing popularity of voice search. Voice search used to be a novelty — now it’s a necessity, especially when you’re on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

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    • How to build links without creating content: 5 examples

      Link building isn’t some mystical SEO hack. Building links is straightforward: find relevant sites that have a reason to link and convince them to link. Why would another site link to yours? For a variety of reasons: because a relationship already exists; because they’re talking about your business/products; because you’re a valuable resource for their audience; or because y ...

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  • 3 reasons why you can safely ignore your competitors’ traffic metrics

    … year, for example, I wrote a blog post listing over 50 ways to drive traffic to a website. That post was picked up by numerous SEO practitioners and marketers, and over time, it became the number one traffic generator to the website — accounting for over 50 percent of traffic. The problem, however, was it didn’t result in one inquiry, and all…

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  • Why SEO & lousy content don’t mix

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Content is king.” While in some respects this saying is true, in my opinion, this one phrase has done more damage to our industry than anything else. According to WordPress, “Users produce about 73.9 million new posts and 49.0 million new comments each month.” That’s roughly 2.4 million posts a day, and that’s just on WordPress alone.

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  • The flexibility requirement for SEO agencies

    … are rare, but if you’ve worked in the SEO consulting field for any period of time, you know they aren’t. As SEOs, and especially for those on the agency side, you are often the last to know what’s happening. Regardless of how much you try to keep yourself in the loop, sometimes information gets to you after the fact. Flexibility is crucial…

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  • 5 B2B marketing tips to jump-start your 2017 results

    … you insight into what paid keywords and campaigns are driving the most phone calls. When considering the ROI of a campaign, close the loop and understand the complete influence of paid search by measuring both online leads and phone calls from your campaigns. When applied to organic site visitors, call tracking also helps measure return from SEO…

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  • Brand vs. local Knowledge Graph result: Which is better?

    … in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Tony Edward is a Senior SEO Manager at Elite SEM and an Adjunct Instructor of Search Marketing at NYU. He leads the SEO team at Elite SEM's New York City office. Tony has been in the online marketing industry for eight years. His background stems from affiliate marketing and has experience in paid search, social media and video marketing. …

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  • The importance of local authenticity

    … Welcome to the post-truth world. A world of fake news and faulty Facebook metrics. A world of Yahoo data breaches and WikiLeaks scandals. A world in which it’s hard to spot a glimmer of truth when it’s sunk to the bottom of a Flint, Michigan well. With truth in short supply these days, a brand’s authenticity, particularly its local…

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  • A comprehensive guide to SSL certificates

    …. Processing time: a few hours to a few days Recommended for: all businesses and companies Example of an organization-validated certificate An EV certificate, or extended validation certificate, is a new type of certificate that requires the most rigorous validation process. This type of certificate checks to ensure that the business is a legal entity…

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  • Local SEO is about so much more than tools

    Welcome to my first Local SEO column of the year on Search Engine Land! While most other sites are publishing roundups or predictions for 2017, there’s really only one way to kick off the beginning of a new year: a new installment of Greg’s Soapbox! As you faithful readers know, my posts are almost always influenced by recent conversations with clients or near-clients, and this one’s no diffe.

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  • 17 link resolutions for 2017

    … of the founding members of the SEO Chicks blog. Julie began working in search marketing in 2002 and soon became head of search for a small IT firm. Eventually, she started Link Fish Media, where she now serves as Director Of Operations, focusing on working with clients in ultra-competitive niches all over the world. …

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  • 4 steps to make your organic listings more effective

    … You’re a savvy digital marketer. You follow Google best practices and read “all the SEO blogs.” You sound like a zookeeper with your extensive knowledge of Pandas, Penguins, Possums and Pigeons. You’re always looking for ways to improve organic search rankings. Instead of investing your time researching some of those gray (or even black) hat…

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  • Paradigm shift: Has Google suspended defamation removals?

    …. Background: Search engines immune to libel removal demands It’s worthwhile to note that search engines, and various other types of online sites and services, were made immune in the United States from liability for things like defamation/libel by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”). For hundreds of years of established law, publishers…

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