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  • How much should SEO cost?

    How much should you be paying for SEO services? This subject can be a real minefield, so we first recommend some quick background reading of Jayson DeMers’ commentary from 2015 on how much time SEO should take, and also Clark Boyd’s recent article on choosing the right SEO agency. All read up? Great, let’s get cracking.

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  • How to hire the right SEO agency

    … are will help you and the prospective partner agencies to work on the right strategy. Once you have this clear in your mind, the search should begin. Image via Pixabay Ironically, perhaps the worst way you can start is by searching [seo agency] on Google. The agencies that show up in top positions may well be demonstrating their ability to rank…

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  • Google is requiring your Canonical and AMP Pages to Match in 2018

    … As announced by Google last November 16, 2017, they are enforcing a policy that would require Canonical content to be compatible with the AMP page content. With AMP becoming an integral feature in various domains, this announcement aims to improve the overall user experience, especially for mobile users. Google set the deadline, which…

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  • How SEO Services Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic

    … How SEO Services Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic September 17, 2016 by Mike Lee Leave a Comment If you have a website and haven’t come across the word “SEO” over the period of time you assumed ownership of such site, chances are that you’ve not started out in the real world of online marketing. You may want to ask why! The reason…

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  • How Does One Find Good SEO Services

    In the immensely growing and intense competition of online marketing, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been an indispensable tool in the success of a business. However due to the degree of knowledge, skill and experience needed to do proper SEO, it has been the norm to turn to the experts as doing SEO on your own is a risky and expensive endeavor. 11 readers -