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    • How to optimize for user intent in search

      User intent. Also known as searcher intent, it is a theory that unashamedly stands up to the more primitive pre-Penguin and Panda tactics of optimizing purely for keywords. User intent and optimizing for it has come into being via a combination of three key factors: Latent Semantic Indexing, Hummingbird, Rankbrain.

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    • TUTORIAL: Why You Should Target Long-Tail Keywords

      Having a long-tail keyword strategy has always been an undertaking that numerous SEOs try to avoid. Most of them think that it is too time-consuming hence a waste of time; it also uses up a lot of their hard-earned money. It’s perfectly understandable because it is known that long-tail keywords have low search volume, and it is not just worth the effort.

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    • How to Create a Successful SEO Strategy

      If you’re still on the fence about whether SEO is right for your business, consider this: 81 percent of shoppers research their big purchases online before committing to a sale. If you’re not conducting SEO for your business website, how will all those shoppers find your business? And going forward, how will you generate more leads? These days, it’s more important than ever t ...

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  • Adapting Your SEO Strategy When Your Business Changes

    … be the enumeration of industries that you should invest time in – from insurance to e-commerce, etc. Audience: Enter the marketplace to get a feel of who your target audience really is, and what exactly are they looking for. Research a list of keywords that you would like to target. Analyze the strategies of your competitors, and update your…

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  • Which SEO trends are here to stay?

    … Just five months ago, I wrote a piece for State of Digital discussing the question ‘Can we future-proof our sites?’ I spoke about staying on top of your technical integrity and how you need to be aware of the latest trends to be ahead of the curve. If you took my advice, it’s likely you’re now overwhelmed from the exciting advancements taking…

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  • Combining SEO and PPC as a Strategy and their Pros and Cons

    … Search Engine Optimization has been in existence for a number of years, and with it came other alternatives that practitioners can use. There is no doubt that SEO is at the top of the list when ranking a website is the topic at hand. Using SEO as a marketing strategy, however, also has its setbacks and problems that numerous people have often…

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  • Getting Better at Creating Effective SEO Strategies

    … makes some of the outdated SEO strategies to still be regarded as important. This is why it is important for any SEO practitioner to have the capabilities to distinguish a truly great strategy from one that is only regarded as important because of the opinions from the general public of the SEO scene. Knowing how to distinguish both of these…

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  • How to Optimize Your Online Product Catalog for Search

    … deals or products are. One solution is to optimize your online product catalog for search engines, which will help you rank higher, achieve more brand visibility, and get more traffic to your pages. So how can you do this without spending a fortune? Strategies for Catalog Optimization These strategies will help you build a bigger online audience: 1…

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  • How Accurately Can You Predict the Results of an SEO Campaign?

    … or predict SEO results with any accuracy? Why SEO Results are So Hard to Predict As you're well aware, the SEO industry is extremely variable. Not only can Google push activity in an entirely new direction with little more than a simple algorithm update, but trying to figure out what the search engines want often seems like trying to shoot…

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  • Which Is More Important: Technical SEO or Reputation Management?

    … are different dimensions to consider as well--for example, you can think of a split between technical SEO and reputation management tactics. Which of these are more important to the success of your overall campaign? Reputation Management Reputation management, as the name suggests, is all about building up your brand's image online. This could…

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  • Question every part of your organic search strategy in 2017

    … When was the last time you really tore apart your search strategy and looked at why it is what it is? We’re much more likely to make necessary, iterative changes to our campaigns – but I challenge you to make 2017 the year you question everything. It’s an exercise that really doesn’t need to cost a lot of time or money, but the answers you…

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  • 9 Tips for Artists Looking for More Search Visibility

    … to earn such traffic. For example, you can pay for advertising, or build a social media audience first. There's usually a downside, however: Paying for advertising requires upfront capital that most artists don't have, and building a social media audience can be an unpredictable and even counterproductive mission. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO…

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  • 5 SEO Strategies You Can Implement in Real Life

    … For the most part, everything you need for search engine optimization (SEO) can be completed online. There are two main areas of optimization to worry about: on-site optimization, which is the ongoing publication of content that introduces new material to your site, and off-site optimization, which involves building relationships and links…

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  • 7 Ways to Coordinate Your SEO Team's Efforts

    … Search engine optimization (SEO) demands input from many different teams and individuals at once; on the surface, it may seem like a straightforward strategy, but it's actually an amalgamation of efforts from multiple different areas. For example, your strategic directors will be busy delving into keyword research and new competitive…

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  • How Google’s Ad Layout May Affect Organic Traffic

    … are beginning to ask themselves, ‘should I change my SEO approach?’ and are considering leaning towards a stronger paid presence. Not so fast, there. Although paid is now at the top – and the top three in some cases – being in the first position doesn’t actually mean first position. However, users still tend to skip the ads and locate the organic…

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  • 10 Stats That Will Shape Your 2017 SEO Strategy

    … heat. But no matter where you live, if you’re a marketer, chances are your vision has shifted toward Q4, the year ahead, and your 2017 SEO strategy. As you well know, 2016 was a volatile year for search engine optimization and marketing. Wrought with changes in Google’s algorithm, advances in voice search and keyword strategy, and the continued…

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  • How to Learn SEO When You Know Absolutely Nothing About It

    Search engine optimization (SEO) can be intimidating if you're a newbie. Even the concept -- making changes to your website to increase its visibility in search engines for specific keyword searches -- sounds complicated, and once you dig into the technical details, it all seems even harder to grasp. But in reality, SEO is much simpler than it appears on the surface.

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