• Demystifying Your Business With Google Analytics [Ebook]

    … Is your website attracting the right visitors? Once on your website, are folks engaging with your brand and interested in what you have to say? Where is your best traffic coming from? What’s working for your business and what is a waste of marketing dollars? How do you know? The answers are waiting for you, in Google Analytics. While business…

    Tim Jensen/ Overit- 19 readers -
  • Safety Tips for Automated SEO Tools

    … Give me a chainsaw and I will very quickly put it down and back away. I’m no good with power tools; I shouldn’t be in the same room with something as potentially deadly as a chainsaw. Hand that same chainsaw to an expert, though? They’ll use it to make something like this: They’ll make art. Believe it or not, SEO tools aren’t much different…

    Overitin SEO- 12 readers -
  • The Key Roles of Keyword Research

    … Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at keywords. So much time that I’ve found myself dreaming in spreadsheets. It’s just one of those situations where, suddenly, all the keyword research is due for all sorts of projects. For sitemaps, for audits, for on-page optimization, the list goes on. The thing is, SEO and optimizing…

    Overitin SEO- 10 readers -
  • Google’s Sidebar Ad Changes: Big Deal or No Deal?

    …. What’s happened so far? AdWords is still active. People are still spending money on PPC. Campaigns are driving clicks, impressions, and conversions. But what are the ramificationsimpacts marketers can expect to see over the long term? Countless articles have already covered the topic, making predictions about the impact on the PPC space. Here…

    Tim Jensen/ Overit- 15 readers -
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