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  • How we Structured our Internal SEO Team Meetings for Extreme Efficiency

    … done quickly and done right, it has to have structure and a time limit. Rockstars Eat up the Attention No one likes a rockstar in a team meeting. But meetings can’t help but have them, can it? And if the rockstar is the CEO then the meeting will have a lot less value. Meetings should be about the team, about the clients and about the company – never…

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  • How Time Tracking Helped our SEO Team

    … in. As (I believe) the best management style in a growing company is still through a face-to-face exchange of ideas. Days went by and our numbers as a team, were dwindling. I was left concerned on how to get the team back on its feet again. So I asked around and one of my mentors relayed to me how he was doing it to his remote team. “Skype and Hubstaff…

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  • How to Build a Strong SEO Team

    … is to take the load off your back, it doesn’t mean that you could slack off – it means that you should take on other loads to carry to push the company forward. When I loosened my management of the SEO Services team, I pushed forward with the SEO School project. I assembled another team to help me with that and we’ve been learning new things…

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