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  • Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO [Infographic]

    … Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO [Infographic] August 6, 2015 - Posted by Chris Irby to SEO If you talk to an SEO professional, or simply stand next to one long enough, you’ll inevitably hear the terms “white hat,” black hat,” and “grey hat” bandied about. There’s a tendency to oversimplify these concepts into terms of morality, with white hat…

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  • 7 Under-the-Hood Optimization Techniques That Will Rock Your SEO

    …. Exact match domains (EMD) are an SEO spam technique of yesteryear, but there is no question that Google still considers the URL to be a significant indication of a page’s relevance, and therefore a ranking factor. Notice how each of these sites, top-ranked domains for a competitive keyword, have URL pages that use the exact query. If you…

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  • Advanced SEO Experiments: Google’s Title Tag Changes

    … into play. However, it's worthwhile to understand the "why" behind each "what," and be able to recognize when the usual advice may not be enough. It's one of the things that makes SEO interesting. Here's one example: the lowly title element. (I'm joking when I write lowly.) Title tags remain one of the most influential ranking signals we can control…

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