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  • How to Leverage from your Competitor’s Success

    … to Increase Guest Post Acceptance Rate The Secret Strategies to Successful Link Building Easy Steps to Craft the Same Quality Content as your Competitors Step 4: Using Ahrefs Positions Explorer, check the top pages of your competitors. Positions Explorer>Type Domain>Overview>Top Pages (under Organic Research) Ahrefs will then give you…

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  • The Untold SEO Secret Behind Dwell Time Metrics

    …-evaluated. Perhaps we should let another website take its place on the rankings and see if that performs better. A user who makes a search query in Google, clicks on a site, and goes back to Google to look for another site is more commonly known as “Pogo-Sticking“. Pogo-sticking is not a good thing. The reason behind that is, Google wants users…

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  • How SEO Tips And Tricks For Bloggers Can Make You Rich

    … when you are looking for important information and can’t find it. Mark Toohey in his article, “How To Pass The Blink Test” (book on amazon – blink) describes how the Blink Test works by summarizing expert who has written about the subject “In his best-seller, Blink, Malcolm Gladwell outlined the concept of ‘thin-slicing’: how humans use limited…

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  • How To Find The Best Sites For Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging has been very popular in recent years, as it offers bloggers endless benefits, such as the opportunity to build a positive reputation, get their brand in front of a new audience, earn hundreds or thousands of new loyal readers, and augment their SEO metrics. I don’t think I need to sell you on the advantages of guest blogging.

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  • How Regular Expression Affects SEO

    … or logically measuring or identifying words, numbers and symbols in the URL. In my personal experience, I use it to track and tag URLs or to make smart redirects happen from .htaccess. For this entry, I’ll focus on smart redirects so as to keep your brain juices flowing. Here’s a scenario: I have a client and some other ‘SEO web development company’ did…

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