Seo: Titles & Descriptions

    • Why you need to get back to SEO basics

      Do a quick search on Google for “SEO tips” and you’ll get over 14 million results. That’s a lot of tips to wade through when trying to figure out the focus of your SEO strategy. What’s more overwhelming is that’s just one search. Each year there are new posts of list of the “hottest” tips and tricks that are “guaranteed” to work.

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  • Local SEO in 2017: 5 simple ways to dominate local search

    … not on top of your rankings, you can bet your competitors will be. Here are five solid local SEO tactics you can use this year to help your business rank higher for local search terms. 1. Title and meta description tags still matter Title and meta description tags are HTML elements that you can customize to reflect the content of your web page. The text…

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  • For e-commerce success: SEO > aesthetics

    … search engine optimization (SEO). When brands focus on building e-commerce environments that are attractive and functional but ignore or forget about SEO, they immediately lose opportunities to attract and convert new customers from organic channels. The good news is that by adhering to the following e-commerce optimization recommendations, you can…

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  • SEO requirements for a new website platform

    …). With that, I’d consider friendly URLs as key to a site’s SEO. 11. Navigation depth & inclusions able to be customized In other words, you should be able to choose to include (or not to include) subcategories in your top navigation. Similarly, retailers should have the ability to choose to not include an e-commerce category in top navigation…

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  • The definitive SEO audit part 2 of 3: Content and on-site

    … SEO audit piece, I referenced a tool called Screaming Frog. If you use it to crawl your site you’ll be able to view in it all the titles and descriptions (among many other things) and organize them by length and view them all in a list. This gives you a quick-and-easy way to audit your whole site’s titles and descriptions at once (for most sized…

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  • The definitive SEO audit part 1 of 3: Technical

    … Disclaimer: Every situation is unique. This outline of the elements of a technical SEO audit discusses the common first points I look at with unpenalized sites hoping to increase their traffic. If you have a penalty or serious technical issues, this list is not exhaustive and will not cover all the areas you will need to research or methods…

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  • Jump-Start Your SEO With These 6 Surefire Tactics

    … I’m often asked the question, “Where do I start with SEO?” Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach, my answer is generally to find the biggest need for your site and start chipping away at it. It’s kind of like paying off your credit card bills. Pay the one with the highest interest rate first so you’re spending less on interest and more…

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  • SEO Disasters: Preventing The Unthinkable

    … Like any SEO veteran, I can recount my share of horror stories — launching Google Analytics and noticing that sudden, sickening drop in traffic. Sometimes, sudden drops in traffic may be the result of an algorithm changes (such as Panda). However, in many cases, they are caused by bugs, inadvertent changes or overambitious engineers…

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  • How To Write A Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs

    … in their reporting platforms: Google Webmaster Tools (Image from Moz.) Bing Webmaster Tools (Image from Moz) Meyers summed it up perfectly: “Relevant results drive more clicks.” This is a key point, and it goes to prove my final point: 4. The meta description is the most important feature for improving click-through rate from search results pages Google…

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  • What Makes Enterprise SEO And Does Your Site Need It?

    … all the proper tags (meta description, image alt, machine readable markup) so you do not have to optimize one page at a time. Anyone who administers WordPress or a blog will be familiar with this. At the enterprise SEO level, templates need a bit of intelligence. The last thing anyone wants is a webpage with holes in the text created by empty…

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