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    • Check your site’s SEO yourself

      One question we get quite often is whether we can help people recover from the drop they noticed in their rankings or traffic. Often, this was a legitimate drop and people were actually in a bit of trouble. However, in most cases, there wasn’t anything wrong with either the traffic or the rankings.

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    • Simplicity is Key: WordLift Tool Review

      Practicing SEO is one of the most engaging “jobs” in the world because it’s one of the few crafts that can be done in more than one way. While a majority of the SEO methodology are defined to be either White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO, the fact remains that “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”, so to say.

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    • Beyond Google Analytics: 10 SEO analytics and reporting tools

      Analytics and reporting are a critical part of any SEO campaign. As well as ensuring that you prove your worth to your clients, analytics are also essential in helping you make iterative improvements to the campaign as you go along. Yet SEO reporting can be a bit of a minefield. With a myriad of available data, countless online tracking tools and making sure that the client a ...

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  • SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends

    … The Holidays are about to arrive, which means it’s time to unwind, and spend some valuable time with your friends and family. Although it is nice to get a break, especially after busy months of working in your campaign, SEO does not take a break, as you have to keep your website active during the break. It is best to prepare your website…

    SEO Hacker Blog- 5 readers -
  • What factors should you consider before choosing a web crawler tool?

    … to on-page elements, covering all aspects of SEO can easily become a Herculean task, especially when dealing with large websites. That is why a tool that crawls your website on a regular basis and brings back reports on what needs to be fixed is a must-have. A good web crawler tool helps you understand how efficient your website is from a search…

    Search Engine Watch- 12 readers -
  • Your Conversion Rate Solution: Omniconvert Review

    … that can help you, but some of these may be too complicated to use. What you need is a user-friendly tool that would help turn your leads into sales. Omniconvert is a tool that converts the leads into sales when people visit your website. Our team has had numerous experiences with various SEO tools, and Omniconvert looks to become an effective…

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  • The Right Tools to Track your Local SEO and SEM

    …. Google Search Console The Google Search Console is a simple but useful tool that would give you some basic SEO fundamentals and helps you look for problems and diagnostics that can help improve your rankings. You can connect your Search Tool account with your Analytics account and your Adwords account, which would help give you a more seamless view…

    SEO Hacker Blogin Paid Search SEO- 9 readers -
  • SERPed Site Management and Site Explorer Review

    … Among SEO Hacker’s ever-growing toolbox, there are numerous tools in there that specialize in one specific function. Some tools specialize in keyword research, some in content assistance, others in tracking a site’s performance, and much more. However, we found out about SERPed and its capability of being an all-in-one SEO tools suite, and we…

    SEO Hacker Blog- 10 readers -
  • AccuRanker: In-Depth Review

    … An effective SEO campaign requires software that is able to help you track your keywords and websites, and see whether or not they are ranking well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). There will be times that it will be stressful to monitor all of these, especially if you do not have the right tools. You would need a reliable software…

    SEO Hacker Blog- 8 readers -
  • Titles and meta variables in Yoast SEO

    … Variables have become a staple of Yoast SEO. Variables make it possible to automate certain processes on your site. They also make it easy to change large batches of meta descriptions for instance, since you only have to change the structure of the variable – the site fills in the data automatically. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the Titles…

    Yoastin SEO- 13 readers -
  • Cognitive SEO Keyword Tool & Content Assistant Review

    … and like I’ve said, it just keeps getting better. Now that a few years have gone by, they released a new feature that can catch the interest of any SEOexpert. I’m talking about their new keyword tool and content assistant. Without further ado, here’s what I (and the rest of the SEO Hacker Team) think of CognitiveSEO’s newest feature. Cognitive SEO…

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  • Ahrefs Review: An In-Depth Look

    … Ahrefs is a well-known tool primarily used for checking backlinks, but what most SEOs forget to take into consideration is that it is capable of so much more. With their massive data index, Ahrefs is definitely one of the most sought-after SaaS tools out in the market. Tools such as this helped eradicate the days wherein Google gets played…

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  • 10 New SEO & Content Marketing Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence

    Original source: 10 New SEO & Content Marketing Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence via DailySEOblog. At one point, we’d all joke around and poke fun at anyone who’d throw in AI and Machine Learning into their talks, just to make it sound authoritative. Those days are gone. Look around. AI is everywhere. It’s the future. Marketers can g ...

    DailySEOblog- 59 readers -
  • Google Search Console Tutorial Part III: Google Index

    … The tools that we use for our content writing and publishing, link building, or any other part of our SEO campaign, can only be as good as our understanding of them. If we do not understand the totality of the tools, then we are just using them at the most basic level. Google’s enforcement of the move to HTTPS necessitates us to know tools…

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  • The 15 best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

    … Google Chrome has taken a dominant position as the world’s favorite desktop browser, with almost 60% market share and rising. Its central role among Google’s vast suite of digital software and hardware has driven this growth, but users also love how customizable the browser is. It can be dauntingly customizable, in fact. With tens of thousands…

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  • Tools to improve your online marketing campaign

    … Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info Get Clicky is another great online marketing tool for analyzing the traffic on your site. Especially if you’re one of those people that don’t want to use Google Analytics. It has one nifty feature that GA doesn’t have: you can watch users…

    Michiel Heijmans/ Yoast- 26 readers -
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