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    • The best tools for automating your SEO

      Here’s a fact: effective SEO results require hard work and effort. Anyone who has been in the SEO game for more than a few days knows that earning your website a place in search results is no piece of cake. Not only do you need to carefully plan and execute your strategies, you also need to be on the lookout for changes in algorithms and other tweaks.

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    • How to check your Domain Authority: 4 tools to use

      Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that serves as a handy heuristic in the SEO industry. Put simply, it provides insight into how likely a site is to rank for specific keywords, based on the SEO authority it holds. There are numerous tools that can help us arrive at these useful scores. Below, we round up some of the most accurate and intuitive ways to see a site’s SEO equity.

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    • Budget Friendly Google Chrome Extensions For Your SEO Needs

      A good SEO strategy is even more effective through the use of a diverse selection of tools that get the job well done. We here at SEO Hacker use the best SEO tools available, and the results definitely show. We have extensively covered tools that we use, and this time, we’re going to take a look at some extensions on Google Chrome that you can use for your SEO.

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  • Love is in the Air: Why We Love SEO

    … results pages. It is a task that is easier said than done all of the time and requires a lot of time and energy to accomplish. Our team does a complete effort to be able to get their rankings up, from social media marketing, link building, content marketing and management, and even website development and optimization. This process takes months…

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  • SEO Hacker Guide to Google Trends

    … When it comes to SEO tools, we at SEO Hacker make sure that we have the best ones available. This allows us to be able to accomplish our tasks more efficiently, and implement some of our best SEO practices and strategies. Some of these tools include,, Omniconvert, and Cognitive SEO. For people who are starting…

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  • Exploring’s Keyword Research Tool

    … A few months back, we did a review for, which became a part of our vast SEO toolbox due to its versatility. Some of the many tools that offers include Domain Finding and Research, Site Management, Rank, Tracking, Client Acquisition, and Keyword Research. With this amount of tools at your disposal, truly is one…

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  • Happy New Year SEO Hackers!

    … Summit always aims to bring some of the most prominent figures in the SEO industry and discuss some of the most important topics about the growing industry. Expect the next SEO Summit to be another milestone event for the company. Focus on AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages have set the standard for fast-loading high performance webpages, and has been…

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  • Which tools should I buy to advance my SEO strategy?

    … The complexity of an organic search campaign necessitates some technological assistance. There are plenty of tools on the market, but they vary in price, functionality, and effectiveness. Once you have all the basics in place, which SEO tools should you invest in to take your strategy to the next level? The SEO landscape is highly competitive…

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  • Ahrefs Launches an Incredible New Site Audit Tool

    … templating to fix issues. Every year, the impact of issues associated with organic search algorithms continue to change – but for some reason, those audit tools rarely did. And, over time, I’d say that SEO professionals really were seeking a site health audit rather than some subjective SEO audit. An audit that provides an array of tools so…

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  • TechSEO360: The SEO Hacker Review

    … We have had a good number of SEO tool reviews done this past 2017. We’ve had versatile tools such as, website auditing tools like SEOmator, conversion rate tools like Omniconvert, keyboard tracking software like AccuRanker, and versatile language processing tools like Wordlift. These excellent and dynamic tools have become important…

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  • SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends

    … strategies and techniques for the next year. You can also look into the SEO trends for 2018, and see what you should focus on to improve your rankings. There are many new trends for SEO in the next year, like the increased focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages and such, which is why it would benefit you to do some research to keep you up to speed…

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  • What factors should you consider before choosing a web crawler tool?

    … The goal of any business serious about SEO is for prospective customers to find them through search. The reason is simple: these leads are more qualified, and are already looking for what the business has to offer. But SEO is a many-headed beast. There are just too many rules, guidelines and things to look out for. From off-page elements…

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  • Simplicity is Key: WordLift Tool Review

    … SEO myself and to achieve my goals with my strategies, I have to rely on the best tools to get the job done. One such tool is WordLift which is basically a plugin for WordPress that’s designed to process structured data markup automation. Sound familiar right? That’s what schema does but WordLift makes it easier and right in your WordPress word…

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  • Beyond Google Analytics: 10 SEO analytics and reporting tools

    … Analytics and reporting are a critical part of any SEO campaign. As well as ensuring that you prove your worth to your clients, analytics are also essential in helping you make iterative improvements to the campaign as you go along. Yet SEO reporting can be a bit of a minefield. With a myriad of available data, countless online tracking tools…

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  • Your Conversion Rate Solution: Omniconvert Review

    … Having a business website allows your audience to access your content and get to know what you have to offer. This increases the traffic to your website, which can help create more leads that can be converted into sales. Conversion can be a challenging process, especially if you do not have the right tools to do so. There are a lot of tools…

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