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  • Local SEO is about so much more than tools

    … Welcome to my first Local SEO column of the year on Search Engine Land! While most other sites are publishing roundups or predictions for 2017, there’s really only one way to kick off the beginning of a new year: a new installment of Greg’s Soapbox! As you faithful readers know, my posts are almost always influenced by recent conversations…

    Greg Gifford/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 24 readers -
  • How and why the SEO tools industry should develop technical standards

    … The SEO technology space could benefit tremendously from the establishment of technical standards. Implementation of Google’s own specifications is inconsistent within our tools and can lead less-experienced SEOs to believe their sites are in better shape than they are. In the same way that the W3C rallied around the definition of protocol…

    Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 10 readers -
  • 9 tools to help you succeed with Google SERP features

    … to get a little help from some friends — and by friends, I mean tools that help you leverage SERP features. Here are a few such tools that can sharpen your SEO sword: 1. Yotpo’s Search Enhancements Do you work in e-commerce? If so, you’ll definitely want to look into Yotpo, which focuses on integrating reviews into your website for greater SERP…

    Jordan Kasteler/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 19 readers -
  • Bing Ads apps keep getting more useful, now with bulk editing

    … The Bing Ads apps on iOS and Android are steadily becoming more and more useful for actual management, not just monitoring (and outpacing AdWords apps in functionality). In June, Bing Ads gave users the ability to edit text ads from its iOS and Android apps. With the update announced Tuesday, app users no longer have to pause or enable items one…

    Ginny Marvin/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 21 readers -
  • Should you still be using an SEO enterprise platform?

    … may justify the fee of the platform. Additionally, they’ll take AdWords CPC data (which sometimes can be questionable) and provide you with an equivalent media value, i.e. what it would cost if you were to buy this traffic in paid search. This makes investment comparisons versus other channels easier, and usually favors SEO. 3. Technical…

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 11 readers -
  • Local SEO in 2017 and beyond: managed strategy vs. automation

    … that is inherent to SEO itself, and simply checking a box by deploying SaaS tools is no longer going to pass as having a strong SEO strategy. While a SaaS platform gives you the ability to make some updates to your local listings, you still need to apply human resources that are responsible for actually getting involved in the day-to-day activity…

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 19 readers -
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