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  • Importance of User Experience Marketing to Rank Better in Search Engines

    … Gone are the days of keyword based SEO algorithms. New age based marketers today rely on user experience based SEO strategies that are increasingly becoming popular for B2B and B2C consumers. No Strings attached After the introduction of the Hummingbird update, users have observed that Google has started putting lesser emphasis on keywords…

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  • Domain Extensions that you should use for International #SEO

    … domains have 301redirect to a non- primary domain, others have a 302 and still others will redirect based on the location of the website. Amazon does not own Amazon uses only 302 redirects to other domains. It is not a bad idea to have global TLDs like Google since it is beneficial to make users feel that yoiu have a local presence also. The post Domain Extensions that you should use for International #SEO appeared first on Latest Updates On : SEO and Ecommerce & Apps Development. …

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  • Maximising the full potential of Magento SEO

    …. By using the SEO Suite Ultimate – all in one Magento SEO toolkit, webmasters can do the following: Managing large amounts of Meta Data As the number of products is in thousands, it is not feasible to manually fill in or update the titles, meta descriptions or keywords. Though this task looks simple it is a very tedious and cumbersome process…

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  • Some insights into sustainable link building

    … a search engine crawl and index a website and help validate a site. Mouzzam Jafri Project Manager at TechIndiaSoftware a leading SEO Company in India. Years of Experience in Internet Marketing always focus on results driven SEO Techniques and work under latest Google Guidlines. …

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  • Top Search Engine Rankings factors are Domain Authority and Links

    Google has been continuously revising and updating its search engine algorithms and ranking signals that affect SERPs of all websites. Experts who have been monitoring this study are unanimous in their outlook that the factors that affect top search engine rankings can be categorised as follows: – General Ranking Factors – Specific Ranking Factors – Ranking Factors for Googl ... 14 readers -
  • Steps to stay competitive in Google’s local 3-Pack

    Google’s local 7-Pack is now Google’s local 3-Pack due to recent changes made by Google on 7th August in the algorithms governing its search engine rankings. The old local 7-Pack of Google included several details such as names of businesses, addresses and phone numbers. It was referred to as the pack of 7 because it used to list 7 locations of the businesses. 3 readers -
  • 5 Things that should be known to small business owners about SEO friendly web design

    If you are a small business owner who is planning to build a new website; or in case you are owner who is interested in modifying his website, then it is useful to keep the following factors in mind: #1 Responsive web design It is important to build a website that is responsive because nowadays most users access websites on mobile devices or on tablets, so apart from the desktop or PC enable. 21 readers -
  • How to find the best SEO Company India?

    Today there are many SEO companies operating in the market and for an individual or a business that needs SEO service, the challenge really is to find out which are the good SEO companies, shortlist the better ones among them and finally select the one that meets the criteria of being the best SEO Company India. 12 readers -
  • 7 Pointers to the best White Label SEO Reseller Program

    If you are an individual or a business and thinking of choosing the ideal white label SEO Reseller Program, then you must build these 7 Pointers into your search criteria: Hire only Google certified Adwords and Analytics professionals. Insist on hiring staff that are Google Certified and have certificates to prove their expertise. 14 readers -
  • How to get started in local SEO?

    … recommendations. Conclusion The above are a few strategies that can help in local SEO. Of course there are more advanced strategies that are also available, that can be put to use, but these strategies will go a long way in optimizing a business, product or a service locally. The post How to get started in local SEO? appeared first on Get SEO Latest Update and Information. … 6 readers -
  • 5 Common mistakes that occur during website redesign

    … a website redesign initiative is being launched. Conclusion: The key is to have clarity in your approach and to determine the redesign changes that are required in the website and be aware of the implications that the changes would have on the website and it’s performance. The post 5 Common mistakes that occur during website redesign appeared first on Get SEO Latest Update and Information. …

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