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  • Why You Need SEO: Value, Growth and Strategy

    … I explained SEO’s value to my potential clients. Let’s start. #1. User Experience Being a respected and well-known SEO expert entails quite a few things. One of them would be the knowledge of the intricacies of the search engine industry. This means that a true SEO expert has to be on the lookout for any updates the search engine giant, Google…

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  • Replacing Links as a SEO Reporting Metric

    If you’re here to get mad at me for saying links don’t matter, let me make it clear, that’s not what I am suggesting. Links matter. Links are still important to domain strength, page strength, ranking and organic traffic. Cool? Cool. I have an issue with the number of links as a metric for campaign success.

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  • Why a Content Team Could Be a Great Addition to Your Business

    … a three-fold benefit. In addition to improving your search rankings, content will help you attract customers, ultimately increasing your leads and improving sales. Content Adds SEO Value Creating content to simply create content isn’t going to do anything for your business. Consider what type of content will appeal to customers in your vertical. Let’s…

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