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  • Love is in the Air: Why We Love SEO

    … results pages. It is a task that is easier said than done all of the time and requires a lot of time and energy to accomplish. Our team does a complete effort to be able to get their rankings up, from social media marketing, link building, content marketing and management, and even website development and optimization. This process takes months…

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  • Local SEO Tools Under $50

    … When you speak of SEO analysis, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘statistics’. Now, you cannot do SEO without statistics. Before we move into the serious aspects of statistics and SEO tools that help us do so, let us share a light moment. I am reminded of an old definition of statistics that I have read somewhere. “Statistics is like…

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  • How to Evaluate Search Algorithm Changes: A Panic-Free Guide

    … If you have responsibility for SEO traffic within your organization (or someone else’s), there will be many points in your career when you will likely have to answer the question “Why did our SEO traffic or rankings change?” This is the point where many SEOs will head to the blogosphere to see what recent algorithm shift is in the news. That’s…

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  • Bing Testing Stacked Sitelinks in Search Results

    … Bing Testing Stacked Sitelinks in Search Results February 12, 2018 at 6:50 am PST By Jennifer Slegg Leave a Comment Bing is running an interesting test for sites with sitelinks. Instead of the usual two columns of sitelinks and descriptions, Bing is testing a stacked version that runs across the entire width. Here is what it looks like: Even…

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  • The 2018 guide to free SEO training courses online

    … Over the past decade SEO has been growing into its position as a critical marketing channel for businesses. You might be new to this environment, or you may have new team members that need to be trained up on search engine optimization. Before you go handing over your gold coins to a training consultant, we suggest you read this article where…

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  • The Importance of Alexa Ranking

    … Any website owner needs to be concerned about site ranking these days- regardless of the type of websites they have and target visitors! The SEO measures and Google algorithms play pivotal roles begin changes in site ranking. Alexa Ranking denotes website popularity ranking and measurement. This number is derived by comparing your website…

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  • Keyword Modifiers Will Help You Beat The Competition On Google

    … tell you that this is going to take your SEO (and Google traffic) to the next level. First, What Are Keyword Modifiers? (And Why Should You Care) Quite simple really: Keyword Modifiers are words that you add to your main keyword to produce more specific longtail keywords. Although quite concise, that is maybe not as clear as you would like, right…

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  • SEOPressor Connect Review: SEO Made Easy

    … SEO can be scary at times. Unless, of course, you’re an SEO Pro like Ashley. Sure, WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly, but there are still plenty of technical tasks to perform if you want to keep your site in Google’s good books. Imagine if you had an SEO assistant to offer a few hints and tips. Someone to give you a gentle nudge now…

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