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  • 3 Things I’ve Learnt 3 Years Into Self-Employment

    … wanted to pass on 3 more things I’ve discovered now that I have a longer-term view of freelancing life, and I also thought that it might be interesting to revisit the initial 3 things I blogged about – to see if they’re just as true/more true/less true – now that a whole bunch of time has passed… 3 Things I’ve Learnt 3 Years On Alrighty then… Let’s…

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  • SEOno is 5

    This April, SEOno (this very blog) turned 5-years-old.* Since my very first post on 1st April 2011 – the innovatively titled “My previous posts for other blogs and sites“, which wasn’t an April Fool (despite the date) – I have published 141 posts totalling 144,481 words (whaaat?!), an average of 990 words per post.** …I need to get out more.

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  • I’m Leaving SEO to Start a Career in Modelling

    … The other day I announced the launch of Cardiff SEO Meet. It’s generated a bit of PR interest (due out next week), and in addition to being asked to pass on info about the meetup, I was asked to provide a photo. Rather than to simply pass on a picture of the logo and call it a day, I decided to get some proper photos done. Joe of Eyes Open Media…

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  • Vote for SEOno in the UK Blog Awards 2016!

    … Just like last year, SEOno has been entered into the UK Blog Awards 2016 (#UKBA16). Last year I made the shortlist of PR, Media, Marketing & Comms blogs in the Individual (non-Company) section. I didn’t win, losing out to industry peer Matthew Barby… who I’ve noticed is up for it again this year. Game on… 😉 As it says on my profile, I…

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  • A (Long Overdue) Theme Change & New Logo for SEOno

    … Over the weekend I finally got round to implementing a new WordPress theme on SEOno. The last time I did so was nearly three years ago (October 2012) and while the previous theme – SmartOne – had been an absolute pleasure to use over the years, it was starting to look and feel a little dated, so inevitably I felt that it was time for a change…

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  • I’ve Joined State Of Digital’s Blogging Team!

    … and publish my more off-beat, tongue-in-cheek and silly posts on here (but given what I’ve published on here before, that shouldn’t really be a surprise now, should it?) 😉 Blogging, SEOno News Blogging …

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  • MOM is 2!

    … on my LinkedIn profile) and I’m told that I charge extremely reasonable rates for the standard of service that I provide, which is very nice. SEOno News Freelancing, Self-employment …

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  • E-cards With a Difference… A Very MOM-y Christmas 2014

    … Last year marked my first Christmas as a self-employed freelancer with my own clients… which meant that I approached the whole idea of sending out Christmas cards in very much of an “oh F*@K!” manner: I hastily bought a box of cards, wrote in them in my hilariously horrendous handwriting using a dark green biro (to match my business’ branding…

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  • Vote for SEOno in the UK Blog Awards 2015!

    Vote for SEOno in the UK Blog Awards 2015! SEOno (this very blog!) has been entered into the UK Blog Awards 2015 (#UKBA15). If you’ve ever read any of my posts and thought “hey, this stuff ain’t half bad!” then I’d really appreciate your vote. It only takes about 30 seconds to do. All you have to do is follo ...

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  • SEOno News & GB Posts: Part 9

    … I’ve not blogged much in recent months, and there’s one main reason… THIS GUY. (The baby – not the man (my dad) holding him, obvs.) (Why yes, I have turned my newborn son into a Tenso GIF… What of it?) I always try my best to do at least one post per month here on SEOno, so you’ll have to figure me if this isn’t achievable in the coming…

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  • Why I Named My Freelance SEO Business “Morgan Online Marketing”

    … to say: to the person who told me that “[I] wouldn’t last a day in self-employment,” not only did I prove you wrong, but I’ve done so 365 times over. How do you like that? Thanks for driving and inspiring me. Anyway, now that that’s off my chest… Back to the name. I’ve had a range of feedback, from people telling me it’s strong and respectable…

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