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    • Our 9 Favorite Pieces of Marketing Wisdom

      We’ve talked to a lot of smart people here on The Content Strategist. CEOs, founders, CMOs, marketing gurus. In fact, we’ve talked to so many smart people that it would take way too much time to have you go back and read through all the interviews to find the best examples of marketing wisdom. So instead, we’ve assembled a “best of” list. Think of it as a “That’s What I Call Music Vol.

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  • Seth Godin: Nobody makes a purple cow by sticking with what’s safe

    …. It was a great move for the brand, as its workers were suddenly able to afford its products. However, Seth Godin – the legendary marketer, author and speaker who delivered the opening keynote at ClickZ Live New York this morning – pointed out that you can’t just make one great decision and then coast on it. Because the world never stops changing. “The idea…

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  • The Essential Blog Success Factor No One Tells You

    … Why Blogs Fail? Will Your? Do you want to create a successful blog? You’re probably thinking “Who sets out to fail? Why start a blog if I don’t want to succeed?” I could tell you the answer. It’s plain and simple. It’d make a short Seth Godin blog post. And the reality is that the answer is more like Joe Pulizzi’s “A Blog Post Is Like…

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  • Seth Godin on titles, transformation and Trump [video]

    … The countdown to ClickZ Live New York is on and with five weeks to go, our keynote speaker, renowned marketer Seth Godin, stopped by our office for a chat. With ClickZ Live New York just a month away – you’ll be there, right? – we invited our keynote speaker to come hang out with us. And we filmed it, just because we weren’t sure if you’d…

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  • These Analytics Led Us to a Facebook Breakthrough

    …, an interview I did with marketing legend Seth Godin. The CPC for this article ($0.18) was more than 3x that of the Branson piece, but damn, look at that average engaged time—five minutes! The interview is really long, so we can excuse not everyone finishing it. Ultimately, this piece is a much, much better use of our content distribution budget…

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  • How to differentiate your blog based on the time you can put into it

    … audience. Let’s take a closer look. High frequency, low length — Seth Godin publishes almost every day but his posts rarely exceed 500 words … and sometimes they are as short as a just few sentences! Seth is an industry thought leader and his posts are pithy observations of the business world. Those short articles probably appeal to busy people…

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  • Itching for INBOUND: The Talks We Can’t Wait to Hear

    … graduate, an INBOUND first-timer or a veteran of the digital marketing trade—you are sure to find these keynote speakers to be entertaining and inspirational. Let’s take a quick look at each of their accomplishments and accolades for an hint about what they might have to share with INBOUND attendees: Seth Godin Tuesday September 8, 6 p.m. Bestselling…

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  • 25 Marketing Podcasts That You Should Be Following in 2015

    …:// This Week In Google – By TWiT Unmistakable Creative – By Srinivas Rao TriggerCast – Weekly Business Ammunition – By https…

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  • Business In The Yes, Please, Thank You, and Gift Economy

    … Yes, Please, And Thank You! Adapting Businesses For The New Economy “Our grandparents are more suited to be successful in social than we are, because we’re going back to “small town rules”. Marketing is about to get really fucking hard. It’s about to get really one-on-one.” – Gary Vaynerchuk According to Seth Godin, we’re leaving the old…

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  • 50 Quotes That’ll Make You a Better Content Marketer

    … Content marketing may be the hot new trend in the content marketing world, but it’s also the underdog—the discipline with the least budget, most doubters, and highest degree of difficulty when it comes to doing it well. But when you’re doing it well, it’s also an incredible amount of fun. As David Carr said, “Creating media content is a diverting…

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  • 10 soul-grabbing brands that prove you don’t need SEO to succeed

    … It’s not often that I disagree with the super-smart author and entrepreneur Seth Godin but today is one of those days. He recently wrote a wonderful and provocative post called “Is Google making the web stupid?” opining that the economics of search are “strangling” the best content. He didn’t use the term “content shock” but Seth described how…

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