Seungwon Lee

  • Netmarble Launches Final Shot on iOS, Android

    … be equipped onto weapons to increase their stats. Like some weapons, weapon kits may only remain active for a limited period of time. In a statement, Seungwon Lee, chief marketing officer at Netmarble Games, commented: Offering a genuine FPS experience on a mobile device, Final Shot is one of the easiest and most enjoyable FPS to play and maneuver…

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  • Netmarble Games Launches Soul King on iOS, Android

    … Netmarble Games announced the release of Soul King on iOS and Android. Developed by FunnyPaw, a subsidiary of Netmarble Games, the strategy role-playing game challenges players to save the world of Moriatare from evil forces. In each battle, heroes attack enemies in real-time automatically, and gamers can spend energy and mana points to trigger…

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  • Netmarble Launches Disney Magical Dice on iOS, Android

    … that affect the game when the costume is active. For instance, one stat may impact the discount players receive on building fees, while another stat may impact the player’s chance of drawing a golden card while playing. Players can improve a card’s stats by fusing their unwanted cards into it. In a statement, Seungwon Lee, chief global officer…

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