Shachar Orren

  • The Super Bowl Is Boring

    … In a surprising move that reflects modern viewing habits, the National Basketball Association recently announced that it is considering shortening the length of games due to the diminishing attention span of millennials. If this sounds like a problem isolated to basketball, it isn’t. Think about how exactly you watch the Super Bowl–maybe…

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  • These Publishers Took Home Gold at Rio 2016

    … years before. As the Olympic Games have now come to a close, publishers should keep an eye out for the metrics on Olympic content media consumption and analyze which mediums performed the best on mobile and desktop. Remember, these trends haven’t ended with the Closing Ceremony. Rather, they will continue to inspire future and ongoing coverage of major news events to come. Shachar Orren is vice president of content at Playbuzz. She can be reached at …

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  • 2 Key Traits of Content That ‘Breaks the Internet’

    … the aforementioned has created a personal, playful experience that taps into the fundamental human emotions of curiosity, tenacity and discovery. It is our natural desire to share that is the catalyst to these items becoming immensely popular and “breaking the internet.” And it’s that personal, human experience of challenge and insight that we believe hits the spot … or the dot! Shachar Orren is vice president of content at Playbuzz. …

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