Shareable Content

  • The science behind shareable content

    … is. So the emotions aroused by a piece of content can be far more important even than the way it is laid out on a site, or what the content happens to be. Another important influencer of sharing is cognitive bias. Cognitive biases are inherent ‘thinking errors’ that humans make when processing information. They’re the limitations of human judgement…

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  • What Makes Content Shareable? A Donald Trump Analysis

    … to create shareable content. Finally, emotion. Several of the articles studied pulled hard on the heartstrings, whilst others gave furious personal arguments against Trump. The story of a Muslim girl crying after seeing a trump rally, then being consoled by a soldier was one of these emotional pieces, as well as a personal plea from a Christian man…

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  • 9 Secrets Of Amazing Content That Gets Shared!

    … Your content is good, sometimes even great and occasionally awesome – however, how do you create amazing content that becomes shareable content? Amazing Content is Shareable Content Creating amazing content is a conscious choice. Content marketers make this choice every day, as they decide what to craft and publish on their organization’s blogs…

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