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    • Top Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018

      In the digital age, trends can often appear out of anywhere. It is the job of everyone involved in the industry, particularly those who actually make a living from these changing trends, to understand and work with them effectively without being overbearing on the end user. Take a look at the likes of Snapchat and Instagram as an example.

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    • Unprecedented Impact of Social Media on the Contours of Business Dynamics

      As we have been observing trends for a while, technology has an uncanny habit of creating new paradigms that potentially change the rules with which we engage with the world order. Social media is one such trend that has emerged as a powerful way of communication and engagement. The widespread reach and effective penetration of social media in peoples’ lives has given it utopi ...

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  • 7 Proven Ways to Boost Engagement on Instagram

    … Instagram has been used by its fans to post selfies, kittens, and food for almost eight years. But: Those days are far behind us. Instagram has developed as a valuable social media platform for marketing: The community has grown to more than 700 million users. 7% of U.S. companies use it for promoting their brands. Around 60…

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  • The Importance of Employing Social Listening Skills

    … from a product or brand. One of the best resources available to marketing professionals today is social media. Through social listening, you can pay apt attention to what consumers actually believe about your company or products. Remember that social listening is not just about looking at hashtag mentions. It also requires you to delve deeper…

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  • Pinterest President and Marketing Head Tim Kendall Leaves Company

    … After five years of leading the sales, marketing, and advertising efforts at Pinterest, President Tim Kendall is leaving the discovery site to focus on his new health care startup, one that will focus on fighting electronic device addictions and curbing their mental health consequences. Before building up Pinterest’s advertising empire…

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  • Youtube puts their own spin on Stories with ‘Reels’

    … Youtube is the latest platform to put their own unique spin on “Stories,” the popular social sharing format introduced by Snapchat. Youtube’s new take is called Reels and it promises to be an engaging and valuable tool that will allow Youtube’s best and most popular creators to improve their community engagement, diversify their video content…

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  • How and Why Company Stakeholders Should Become Social Media Advocates

    … Social media is all about raising brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and extending online reach. Unfortunately, none of these would work without trust, which is earned through different strategies. As far as trust-building goes, constantly sharing content — regardless of their being highly relevant or top-notch in terms of quality…

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  • Social Media Marketing Results Are Disappointing? Learn What You Need to Change

    Here’s how you can develop a social media lead gen strategy You’ve worked hard on your social media lead generation strategy and your social media outreach program. But after several months, you still aren’t seeing the type of results that you expected. Social media isn’t always easy to get the hang of from the start, even for those who are seasoned in other types of marketing.

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  • Using Instagram Stories To Advertise Your Business

    … When Instagram was first launched in 2010, it was merely a photo sharing app whose server used to crash very often. However, today it is an app with over 700 million users with around 400 million active users every day. It is a highly successful social media network that is now also being used by businesses to promote what they have to offer…

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  • 7 Advanced Twitter Marketing Tips to Boost Your Visibility

    … What started out as a social networking site where fans could follow celebrities, post updates and interact with each other has evolved to become a marketing platform. Yes! I’m talking about Twitter, the social media platform with over 328 million active users, ranked the ninth largest social network in the world. Twitter is a great marketing…

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  • 5 Things You Should Know About YouTube

    … YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. If you want to increase your sales, establish some authority, or simply want to be more known, then starting on YouTube makes a lot of sense. There’s just one thing that you should know. These days, the competition is a bit stiff. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no room…

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  • How to Grab Loyalty for Your Brand

    … in social media combining it with a good SEO strategy for sites. The main emotional pillars of brand engagement today are corporate responsibility, nostalgia, and trust. Brands use them actively for creating the marketing campaigns that connect with the customers on the personal level. The shared ethics.Smaller businesses usually base their strategies…

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  • 7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    … Although Facebook and Twitter are the most used Social Media platforms for businesses, Instagram offers a good place for marketing opportunities too. With Instagram, you get to join an online community of around 700 million users, and some of its features can tailor your promotions to customers that are close to you. The catch, however, is, you…

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  • How Small Business Can Effectively Start Using Social Media

    … Social Media is big and getting bigger every day. For something that didn’t even exist until a few years ago, it’s become an integral part of the marketing plans for both small and large businesses – not only integral, but essential. In short, if you don’t have a well thought out, targeted Social Media marketing strategy for your business…

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  • Here’s How These Social Media Hacks Can Increase Your User-Base

    … the meme trend to improve their social media marketing campaigns and get more likes and shares. There are many meme generators that allow you to caption an image and do the research for you. You can place your brand’s name in the meme so that when shared, your brand will gain the acknowledgement and more audience will know your brand. In addition…

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  • PR is Dead : Long Live PR…As Thought Leadership

    … Earned Media, Media Relations, Shared Media The pre-cable television, pre-Internet media universe comprised a few major television networks, traditional radio, hard copy newspapers, a variety of magazines that were available nationally and several trade publications in each major industry. Today’s assortment looks markedly different…

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  • Facebook Messenger Hacks That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

    … Shared Media, Social Promotion Published 1 min ago | By: Joan Selby You’ve probably already started marketing on Facebook using Facebook messenger, but did you know that most people miss out on big opportunities simply by not utilizing common messenger hacks? Nowadays, 7 out of 10 companies in the US use social media, which is a great way…

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