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    • Facebook’s Latest Blunder and the Elephant in the Living Room

      The Wall Street Journal reported last Friday that Facebook has been inflating a key performance metric relating to its mobile video ads. With all the chatter about how many seconds (or milliseconds) consumers actually watch Facebook video ads, aren’t the experts missing the point? The point is: Regardless of what Facebook reports, these interruptive ad formats simply don’t work.

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  • 6 Tips to Overcome Social Media Fatigue in Your Business

    … Whether you like it or not, social media fatigue is a fact. A recent study from the Pew Internet Research Project showed that 61% of respondents at least once took a voluntary multi-week break from Facebook. What does this mean for your social media strategy? If you think expanding your reach to yet another social network is a solution, you’re…

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  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media Monitoring [Podcast]

    … of Social Business Journal Volume 8. Social Media Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid Rebecca and Eric join me to discuss highlights from Social Business Journal, Volume 8: The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media Monitoring. To start things off, we look at the differences between owned and earned media. Owned media is literally content that you “own…

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  • Why Twitter Direct Messages Outperform Marketing Emails

    … characters, so you can provide more content. And because only its sender and recipient can view a DM, the channel provides authentic one-on-one interactions. By sending a personalized DM at the right stage in a customer’s journey, you’re not just showing a strong social media presence — you’re also piercing through the noise of inbox spam to reach…

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  • ‘Shared Media’ Is the Future And Will Disrupt Media Buying As We Know It

    … friends, has proven that, given the right tools, consumers will market on behalf of the brands they love. And, shared media is far more watched and trusted than any conventional advertising message can ever be because a company’s loyal followers have a lot more pull with their own friends than a brand (or anyone else for that matter–that’s…

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  • Ink and Bytes: Using Print in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    … relics). It was a tidy business, but one that was brought to an abrupt halt by an untimely flood that left the man with a ruined inventory and investors curious as to how they would make their money back. The man shared that he had a secret that would satisfy their needs, and set to work. His name was Johannes Gutenberg, and his secret…

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  • 10 Google+ Tools for Smarter Marketing

    … the most popular posts you shared, top locations and charts showing your posting behavior. Receive complete information about your Google+ profile with this tool. It’s a great tool for marketers who want to view their account statistics for free. Recommended Users Recommend Users lists the top users in every industry to connect with. You can find…

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  • Will Social Media Apps Become Irrelevant to Marketers?

    … Brands have clung to social media as a way to spread their message in a mobile-oriented world. But if current trends continue, social media apps may become less relevant. A report from SimilarWeb found that people worldwide are spending less time using social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The report compared Android app…

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  • 7 Tips for Hosting a Successful Social Media Contest

    … Getting the word out about your brand can be challenging, especially in an overpopulated social media landscape. You’ll often find that unless you can grow your follower base, your messages are consistently limited to people who already know about you. A contest encourages those followers to spread the word about your products or services…

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  • The State of Digital Media, in 5 Charts

    … ‘Tis the season of reports in the digital content industry. With Mary Meeker’s “2016 Internet Trends” report, PageFair’s annual ad-blocking report, IAB’s quarterly revenue update, and Pew Research’s “State of the News Media” all coming out within the span of a few weeks, there has been a flood of information about the current state of the media…

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  • 5 Tips for Creating Shareable LinkedIn Posts

    … to read boring business news all day; they also want to see the human side of your brand. And LinkedIn is the perfect place to show it, whether you’re providing an exclusive look at a product launch or behind-the-scenes pictures from a company event. For example, Du, a telecommunications company based in Dubai, shared a YouTube video from its #XYoga…

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  • 5 Keys to Integrating Content Marketing into Social Media

    … Thanks to the vast wonders of the internet, the way we use conventional marketing strategies have drastically changed over the years. The big brand way of adverts are decreasing year by year due to DVR’s, Netflix and the forever increasing popularity of social media. The fact is if you are not using social media, you are not a good marketer…

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