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    • 7 Advanced Twitter Marketing Tips to Boost Your Visibility

      What started out as a social networking site where fans could follow celebrities, post updates and interact with each other has evolved to become a marketing platform. Yes! I’m talking about Twitter, the social media platform with over 328 million active users, ranked the ninth largest social network in the world.

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    • 7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

      Although Facebook and Twitter are the most used Social Media platforms for businesses, Instagram offers a good place for marketing opportunities too. With Instagram, you get to join an online community of around 700 million users, and some of its features can tailor your promotions to customers that are close to you.

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    • How to Grab Loyalty for Your Brand

      Young and unafraid, brand marketers first started building loyalty programs for customers in the 80s, when it was something new and undiscovered. The airline points collection was the first ever loyalty increasing program to appear that saw tremendous success. Bonus programs were thriving ever since until one day the whole system was hacked by the man who bought 12,000 pudding ...

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  • 5 Things You Should Know About YouTube

    … YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. If you want to increase your sales, establish some authority, or simply want to be more known, then starting on YouTube makes a lot of sense. There’s just one thing that you should know. These days, the competition is a bit stiff. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no room…

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  • How Small Business Can Effectively Start Using Social Media

    … Social Media is big and getting bigger every day. For something that didn’t even exist until a few years ago, it’s become an integral part of the marketing plans for both small and large businesses – not only integral, but essential. In short, if you don’t have a well thought out, targeted Social Media marketing strategy for your business…

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  • Here’s How These Social Media Hacks Can Increase Your User-Base

    In this digital era, it’s become easier for brands to promote their offerings on social media. On the other hand, it can also be harder for brands to master the real art of engaging with users, fostering a relationship with followers, and conveying what their audience wants. To help all businesses out, in this post, I’ll discuss some easy and quick social media tricks that you ...

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  • PR is Dead : Long Live PR…As Thought Leadership

    … of public relations, measurement can take form in several ways, beginning with thought leadership. Thought leadership is not about being known; it’s about being known for something. It’s not about brand awareness – but the place you occupy in your target customers’ minds. Here are four ways PR can build thought leadership, through smart integration…

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  • Facebook Messenger Hacks That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

    … Shared Media, Social Promotion Published 1 min ago | By: Joan Selby You’ve probably already started marketing on Facebook using Facebook messenger, but did you know that most people miss out on big opportunities simply by not utilizing common messenger hacks? Nowadays, 7 out of 10 companies in the US use social media, which is a great way…

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  • Transform Your Business With Social Media Technology!

    … Shared Media, Social Promotion In recent advances in the field of social media, technology is not only changing the manner in which people are carrying out their business activities with other fellow human beings,in many cases, it is also creating new opportunities for them to earn their livelihood independently, boosting the economies…

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  • How Relevant is Social Media to Freelancers?

    … Relationship Building, Shared Media If you’re self-employed, you’ve probably researched marketing on the internet. In fact, you’ve probably searched “internet marketing” using so many keyword variants that you’d make a thesaurus proud. You already know what your research has told you. You’re supposed to build a brand, sell yourself until…

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  • Why Instagram is the biggest thing when it comes to promoting your fashion website?

    Instagram, Shared Media If you have an online fashion business, you should be on Instagram. With more than 700 million users, this social network is the best place to be for all those who are looking to promote their business in the right manner. There are several statistics to show that Instagram not only increases your reach but also helps businesses like you increase cus ...

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  • Understanding Instagram and its Important Role in Ecommerce Sites

    … Other Networks, Shared Media There is increasing awareness among business owners regarding the significance of marketing through social media platforms. Using Instagram as a marketing medium effectively requires dedication, time and other resources. It is necessary for business owners to broaden their focus and strategize when…

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  • 7 Facebook Advertising Strategies to Outsmart Your Competition

    … You might get exhausted just thinking about everything Facebook advertising has to offer. And you might be justified in feeling overwhelmed by it all. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to one-up your competition by creating the “best” Facebook ad… after all, everyone is following the same best practices! So how can you stand out from your…

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  • 7 Trends Destined To Change How Businesses Use Social Media In 2017

    … Shared Media For many years, businesses have been actively learning and adapting to the ways that social media is changing discourse and the online experience. As more and more Americans use social media every day, businesses that want to be successful over the long term need to make sure that they understand how to leverage this powerful…

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  • How To Effectively Use Facebook Video

    … Facebook, Shared Media, Uncategorized Facebook video has fundamentally changed the game when it comes to advertising or even regular video content. The time has never been better to get involved with Facebook video, but you might be wondering why that is. The truth is, video content is here and it’s here to stay. Since it’s able to engage…

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