• What Are Users #Scared of on Instagram? (Infographics)

    …. The obsession with zombies seems to be resulting in real-life fear, giving them a second-place ranking in the list of most feared creatures. In Maine, people are most afraid of zombies, demons and ghouls, while Instagrammers in New Mexico are afraid of aliens and Nevadans are #scared of sharks. Instagrammers aren’t just afraid of monsters–they’re…

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  • Selfies, Narcissism and Social Media (Infographic)

    … Which was more deadly in 2015: shark attacks, or selfies? The answer might surprise you. Rawhide, a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk youth in Wisconsin, examined social media users’ obsession with selfies and narcissistic tendencies, and its findings included: More people died from taking selfies in 2015 than from shark attacks. 55…

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