Shelf Life

Shelf life is the length of time that a commodity may be stored without becoming unfit for use or consumption. It applies to foods, beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and many other perishable items. In some regions, an advisory best before, mandatory use by, or freshness date is required on packaged perishable foods.
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  • How HuffPo woos Facebook hoppers with personalization

    … the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. “Every publisher sees the editorial process of highlighting important stories as a key part of their brand,” saidKarl Rinderknech, COO of Gravity. “Sometimes when they think of personalization they think it has to mean losing some of that voice.” The post How HuffPo woos Facebook hoppers with personalization appeared first on Digiday. …

    Ricardo Bilton/ Digidayin Social How To's- 12 readers -
  • Q&A with Jay Baer: Transcript from our Exclusive Webinar

    … of ways to answer that question. It depends on what your actual business model is. I believe that the best place to start is to create content that has a longer shelf life, like a blog, LinkedIn publishing, or Slideshare. These are fantastic media to generate awareness for a solopreneur. And then you can amplify that stuff on Twitter, Facebook, etc…

    Ada Wizmur/ GetResponse Blogin Social EMail Content- 24 readers -
  • The Ultimate 2015 Marketing Checklist To Guarantee Success

    … godmother is going to come along and bop them on the head so their resolutions magically come true. The reality is that most New Year’s resolutions have a limited shelf life that’s shorter than the average quart of milk. Don’t take my word for it. Observe your favorite gym. Their sales people can’t sign new members up fast enough and their classes…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin Social Mobile- 22 readers -
  • Twitter and Foursquare Make a Better Match Than You’d Think

    …. Facebook: I care more about Ezra Klein’s perception of the humanitarian crisis in Syria than a high school friend. Local search functions in much the same way. We may trust our friend’0s recommendation for a restaurant, but we also trust the recommendations of chefs, writers and other “experts.” The follow structure of Twitter is much better suited…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Social Twitter- 6 readers -
  • Social Media Content: Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

    … are fascinating. We #DeliverJoy all over the world. Which #FedEx hub is closest to the North Pole? 1st right answer wins a Purple Hat! Um vídeo publicado por FedEx (@fedex) em Dez 12, 2014 at 10:42 PST ‘Adweek’ named GoPro’s Facebook page the best brand page of 2014, and for good reason. The page’s 8 million + followers not only see examples…

    TopRank®in Social Content- 23 readers -
  • Get Social Media Right: Five Things you Just Can’t Miss

    … Social media retention is hard to get at, especially given that social updates have a miserable shelf life of about three hours on average, according to Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot. According to her post, The mean half-life of a link on Twitter is 2.8 hours. The mean half-life of a link on Facebook is 3.2 hours. The mean half-life of a link…

    @ProBloggerin Social Paid Search EMail- 17 readers -
  • Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Producing Content

    … ways, or are you throwing valuable time and energy into one-off projects with a short shelf life and an expiration date? Note: Not everything has to be repurposed. There is a time and a place for real-time posts, newsjacking and other timely content opportunities. But approach every project with the intent of repurposing. I promise you’ll end up…

    Taylor Radey/ Relevancein Paid Search Content- 12 readers -
  • What is lookalike modeling, anyway?

    … (online intent is pretty ephemeral), here you’re looking at a purchase process that can take anywhere from weeks to month. Consumers might not have even thought about purchasing just yet. But the offline data…? I’m getting to it. You’re hitting consumers mid-funnel, so you want data that’s more permanent, or that has a longer shelf life. Offline…

    Digiday- 12 readers -
  • 5 Facebook Holiday Contest Ideas to Boost Your Sales

    … the holiday season, and it’s an easy and obvious incentive to shop at specific locations for gifts. Make sure that coupons have a short shelf life that corresponds to the holiday season that require something in return such as an email address. This will enable you to benefit from the potential purchase and generate new leads. 3. Capture the holiday…

    Jeffbullas's Blogin Social Google Facebook- 21 readers -
  • Snapchat is in partnership talks with BuzzFeed, Time, others

    … distributed through Discover will have a truncated shelf life: After a certain amount of time, it will no longer be available, thus encouraging users to check in routinely. That doesn’t mean all the media in Discover will be short, though. People familiar with Discover said it will host stories of all lengths. As Pew research has continuously found…

    John Mcdermott/ Digidayin Social Facebook- 32 readers -
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