Shiny Object Syndrome

  • How to Stay Focused and Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome?

    … successful business. I recently completed a survey where over 300 of you responded with your biggest obstacles to starting a profitable blog or website. One of the top reasons that people struggle is to a lack of focus, or shiny object syndrome. Unfortunately, I’m not perfect either. Even with a successful business, it’s very difficult for me…

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  • Shiny Object Syndrome: Why Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad

    … efforts won’t win your prospects’ hearts and minds. Another warning: Don’t Be A Laggard Something else to keep in mind: as you’re diligently avoiding shiny object syndrome, don’t let the pendulum swing too far in the other direction. Don’t categorically reject any tool unless you are absolutely confident it will be of little or no use to you. Indeed…

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