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    • Ask Yoast: which eCommerce plugin do you recommend?

      No matter what you’re selling: you want to use the best eCommerce system possible. So you know you’ll get optimal results and therefore have one less thing to worry about. But with all the different systems and plugins out there it can be hard to choose. In this edition of Ask Yoast, I’ll share which eCommerce plugin I generally recommend.

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    • Ask Yoast: Breadcrumbs for products in multiple categories

      It’s important to have breadcrumbs on your website. They show users how a page fits into the structure of a site, and allow search engines to determine the site’s structure. But how do you go about implementing breadcrumbs when you have many products that fit into more than one category? In this Ask Yoast, I’ll discuss the best way to handle breadcrumbs for products in multiple categories.

      Joost De Valk/ Yoast- 16 readers -
  • A blog on an eCommerce site

    … Why do so many eCommerce sites have a blog? Is that because online shop owners love to write posts? Or perhaps they have a lot of spare time on their hands? Probably not. Although blogging is lots of fun, it also is a great marketing and SEO strategy. And because of that, eCommerce site owners start a blog. Here, I’ll explain why blogging…

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  • What are breadcrumbs and why are they important for SEO?

    … of breadcrumbs. These are the three most common types of breadcrumbs you will find on sites: Hierarchy based breadcrumbs These will pop up most often. We use them on our site as well. Breadcrumbs like this will tell you where you are in a site structure and how many steps you can take to get back to the homepage. Something like Home > Blog > Category >…

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  • Ultimate guide to small business SEO

    … SEO isn’t just for large companies. As a small business or local business, there is actually a lot you can do to achieve local goals yourself. Many of these things relate to focus. In this ultimate guide for local and small business SEO, we’ll tell you about finding your niche, optimizing pages and social media efforts. Way back in 2014 we…

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  • Ask Yoast: Is my site structure too deep?

    … If you own a website, you have to think about the structure of your site, whether it’s a blog or a shop. Site structure is essential to help users find their way on your site and it helps your site to rank. So your site’s hierarchy needs to make sense to both users and search engines. When you’re creating one, you might wonder if your structure…

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  • Out of stock product – what to do with product page?

    … or read the answer below! Want to outrank your competitor and get more sales? Read our Shop SEO eBook! » $ 25€ 25 - Buy now » Info Best practice product out of stock In the video, we explain which options you have when a product goes out of stock and what would be the best decision: ” Well, Brad, simply delete it and do nothing is not an option…

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  • Ask Yoast case study: SEO of an online shop

    … some SEO advice. In this second case study: SEO of an online shop! Ask Yoast Case studies Want Marieke to look at the content of your site? Send an email to! Improve the SEO of an online shop! In this case study, the SEO of an online shop is the central topic. We were given the chance to take a look at the SEO of Knock Knock…

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  • Ask Yoast: duplicate content issues on my shop?

    … If you own an eCommerce site, you might wonder how to optimize your category pages and your product pages. Could you have the same content on your category page and your product pages? If you have the same content on multiple pages of your website, would Google know what to rank first? Or would it cause duplicate content issues? This Ask Yoast…

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  • SEO copywriting and writing for sales

    … Writing is hard. Writing for the search engines is even harder. What about writing for the search engines and writing for sales simultaneously? Is that even doable? Because, in the end, we want to write copy that’ll rank in the search engines AND convince people to either buy your stuff, contact you, subscribe to your newsletter or to return…

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  • Ask Yoast: nofollow layered navigation links?

    … of this?” Check out the video or read the answer below! Want to outrank your competitor and get more sales? Read our Shop SEO eBook! » $ 25€ 25 - Buy now » Info Layered navigation links Read this transcript to learn how to deal with layered or faceted navigation links: “The question is: “Why would you…

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  • Know your customer

    … up writing product focused copy or just using best practices from your industry. That won’t make you stand out from your competitors, and even worse: it won’t let you connect to your customers. Amy talked about distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Don’t use terms like ‘high quality’ or ‘easy to use’. Amy calls these ‘umbrella terms…

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  • New eBook: Shop SEO

    … Would you like to generate more traffic to your eCommerce site? Are you dreaming of higher rankings and more sales? As of today, you can buy our Shop SEO eBook. In this eBook, we’ll give you lots of practical SEO tips, specifically focused on eCommerce sites. After reading our book, you’ll be able to easily update and improve your own SEO…

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  • Low-budget branding for small businesses

    … some time to define your brand values. That way you’re able to communicate your main message in a clear and consistent way. It makes your marketing all the easier. You’ll be able to create brand ambassadors, even on a budget. Let our SEO experts analyze and improve your site's SEO! » $ 199€ 199 - Buy now » Info Come up with a proper tagline Now…

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  • Grow your business with ratings and reviews

    … sure your customers find your shop! Optimize your site with our Local SEO plugin and show you opening hours, locations, map and much more! » Buy now » Info Reviews Most of the times the ratings we discussed earlier are just half of a package deal. Ratings are great, and great ratings even greater. But if that rating is accompanied by a detailed…

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  • Enhance online shopping with eCommerce filters

    … filters for the material used or maybe what kind of style it is (urban, chic, outdoor, to name a few). Flawless UX and usability are very important for SEO. If you make your site function without fault, and your visitors can easily find what they want in your shop, you’ll get lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. These are all signs…

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  • New plugin: Local SEO for WooCommerce

    …, but Yoast SEO: Local SEO for WooCommerce is here to help. Local SEO for WooCommerce is based on our Local SEO for WordPress plugin. You get the same features, but with the addition of a couple of WooCommerce specific extras. If you sell your items locally, you can now offer customers the possibility to pick up their order in your store or location…

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