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    • Grow your business with ratings and reviews

      Reviews or testimonials are mostly said to work on the basis of social proof. Social proof is a psychological process in which people copy the behavior of others, in an attempt to reflect correct behavior. A testimonial tells you that someone you can identify with has bought a product and loved it. That must mean the product is just the right thing for you as well.

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    • Low-budget branding for small businesses

      Over the last year, we have talked and written a lot about branding. Branding is often associated with investing lots of money in marketing and promotion. Branding is about getting people to relate to your company and products. Branding is about trying to make your brand synonym for a certain product or service. This can be a lengthy and hard project.

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  • Enhance online shopping with eCommerce filters

    … Online shops rarely sell just a few products. If your shop has a few hundred or a thousand articles, it might help if you offered your customers a filtering option. You must do whatever you can to help your customer get to the desired product as soon as possible. Ecommerce filters can help you solve this problem. Why should you use eCommerce…

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  • New plugin: Local SEO for WooCommerce

    … Ranking locally should be a top priority for all small businesses. Customers increasingly depend on local search to find a relevant business near their current location. In view of that fact, you must make sure Google knows everything about your business so it can index your data and promote it in the search results. It can be a daunting task…

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  • eCommerce SEO checklist: 27 tips for a better online shop

    … understand the contents of your page better. 15. OpenGraph and Twitter Cards Besides data, be sure to add OpenGraph and Twitter Cards as well. These will make sure your content or products are shared in the best way possible. This and more is explained in our article about product page SEO. Optimize your shop and improve the sharing…

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  • Holiday season SEO: start preparing NOW!

    It’s 86°F outside, and here we are telling you to think about the snowy days of Christmas. Already. If you have an online shop, please start thinking about the Christmas holiday season already! Ranking in Google isn’t something you can do overnight, and that is why it’s never too early to start. Remember, it’s already September.

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  • Optimize product images for your online shop

    … you need to consider when adding product images to your online shop. For good SEO, you need a good user experience. Learn about UX & Conversion! Checkout $ 19 – Buy this eBook now » More info » Product images set a mood While I was (re)writing the article on the internal search for your online shop, I once again realized how big a role…

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  • 5 blogging tips for your web shop

    … A blog is a great marketing tool for web shops. On your blog, you can tell readers about your brand and products and perhaps also about yourself. In this post, I will give five blogging tips for web shops that’ll help you to maintain an awesome blog on your eCommerce site! Why should you blog? Maintaining a blog will allow you to let readers get…

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  • eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide

    … Usability is an important part of holistic SEO. It influences bounce rate, time on page, and a lot more user-related things. These all have an effect on your website’s SEO. Optimizing usability is important for all sites, but even more for eCommerce sites. Apart from user-testing, you can optimize online shops by looking at best practices. See…

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  • Crafting the perfect shop category page

    … to structure your site and how to write SEO friendly content Checkout $ 15 – Buy this eBook now » More info » Product listings The main section of your category page is, of course, the entire list of products in that category. It’s like the excerpts on your blog but narrowed down to just a few product details. These details combined need to entice…

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  • Keyword research for your webshop

    … keyphrases (more than one keyword in a search query, as in ‘search engine optimization’). Do you want to learn more about keyword research? Take our Basic SEO training and be able to determine your own SEO strategy! » Step 1: What is your mission? We have gone into this before. The mission of your online shop consists of the ideas you have about…

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  • Positioning your shop in the online market

    … finding your shop’s niche, I explained how a product and target audience can be considered shop shapers. You can build an entire shop just based on the right product and the right market. Since positioning is about finding your spot in the mind of the target market, it’s clear that emotions play a part as well. Questions to ask yourself If you want…

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  • Find your shop’s niche

    … mentioned above. It just depends on the type of product you want to buy online, and perhaps even the amount of money we’ve reserved for this specific purchase. The tough job for you as an online shop owner is to send the right triggers to the right person at the right time. Just thinking about how to do this will narrow your niche. I’d like to add…

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