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  • Ecommerce Load Speed and Mobile UX Platform Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … for can directly impact how fast or slowly their pages load. E-retailers lose up to $4 TRILLION dollars each year via shopping cart abandonment, and one of most frequent causes for cart abandonment is a slow checkout process. Avoiding a Slow Checkout Flow You can control checkout flow to an extent by limiting the amount of information customers…

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  • People-Based Marketing: How to Reach Customers Across Screens and Devices

    … hiking shoes. The thought that you need new shoes occurs to you while in a meeting, and you quickly pull out your phone and bookmark the website for later. After the meeting, you pull up the website, begin browsing shoes and put a few options in your shopping cart to review later. Because you’re a busy person, you shop for hiking shoes when you can…

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  • Thrive Market’s Shopping Cart is Brilliantly Enticing

    …. After finding some healthy snacks, I added a few to my shopping cart. I clicked the basket to see how many items I had in there and was blown away by what I saw next. Notice the very bottom of the cart? As I began to float my mouse over the Check Out button, directly beneath it states: Add $2 to your cart and get free shipping! They got me. I…

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  • 12 steps to write a sales page for your first product

    … In a recent survey, someone asked, “Help me to write a sales page for at least one service or product to get me started.” That person also asked for a simple list — 1. Do this. 2. Do this. 3. Do this. Here is a blueprint for selling your first product. In a previous post, I provided some ideas for low-cost products. These are a good way…

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  • 3 Simple Tips To Obliterate Shopping Cart Abandonment

    You don’t have to lose so many sales on your ecommerce store. You focus so much energy on creating persuasive landing pages, email marketing, and the wording of your sales page. You’ve got a great product and lots of engaged followers. But somehow you’re still losing a ton of sales. According to the Baymard Institute, an estimated 70% of online consumers leave filled shopping carts.

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  • Cyber Monday Madness – Is Your eStore Ready?

    … It seems like the retail world has a laser focus on Black Friday. But the shift to online shopping gives eStores the perfect opportunity to grab their portion of the holiday shopping madness: the once-a-year sale that every savvy shopper awaits. But is your eStore really ready to dominate on Cyber Monday? Because it’s not enough to be open…

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  • Do You Sell Online? Want To?

    … (c) Can Stock Photo Building an eCommerce website or simply adding an online shopping cart to an existing site can seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many options available including: selling on popular online marketplaces (like eBay, Etsy or Amazon’s Handmade Marketplace), adding WordPress plugins to an existing site, using…

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  • Essential eCommerce Industry Stats For Abandonment

    … For many years, shopping cart abandonment has been a growing problem for eCommerce retailers. According to the Baymard Institute, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.53%. Translated into simpler terms, that means nearly 70 out of 100 people who fill their shopping carts on your website never come back to finish…

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  • 5 Awesome Tools To Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Conversions

    … in your ecommerce optimization efforts. Shoppimon Any ecommerce venture’s endgame is to convert and sell. Marketing your store through ad campaigns, SEO and social media is important as it will bring traffic to your site. A good site layout with crisp graphic elements will present your store well when your visitors arrive. However, marketing, UI…

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  • Cart Abandonment a Huge Problem for Mobile

    … MarketLive has recently released a new report about digital marketing and it had some pretty grim news for those of us who use mobile in their marketing (which should be everyone). The report found that approximately 90% of all ‘shopping carts’ are abandoned when people are using smart phones to shop online. This means that even though millions…

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  • E-commerce Psychology: Is Your Site’s Design Losing Customers?

    …, prominently at the payment page in order to reassure the buyers. Make your website unique. Consider adding QR Code functionality or Bitcoin payment options, which will not disrupt normal business, but will attract fans of these technologies. Make it easy to edit the checkout lists. For example, if the person has chosen multiple items, they should…

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  • 4 Important Checkout Lessons From

    … with Fry’s if my son’s keyboard was available elsewhere, but now that I know I can pick products up, I’m checking Fry’s first. If you have a retail presence, invest in the store pickup model. Sears does a great job with the in-store pickup service. Tell me the shipping cost before I checkout. Many buyers will add something to the cart and enter…

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  • 5 Examples of Inspired Checkout Processes That Bring Results

    … that offers product recommendations. The trick lies in offering these items in such a way that the customer does not forget about the current shopping cart. A persistent shopping cart like the one offered by Old Navy is a good way to keep the user on track with their earlier selections even after they have wandered off to pick out add-ons…

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