A shoutbox, saybox, tagboard, chatterbox or chat box is a chat-like feature of some websites that allows people to quickly leave messages on the website, generally without any form of user registration.In their simplest form, shoutboxes are simply lists of short messages, possibly with information about their authors. The page may be automatically refreshed after a certain interval, or polled dynamically in order to keep new messages visible. Older posts are often deleted after a certain number of messages have been written in order to preserve space on the server.
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  • Failing Message Forum: What is wrong with My Online Community?

    …? Is your forum name easy to remember? Is it brandable and marketable? Are there too many categories and boards that are causing topic confusion? Is there a need for staff members to help keep it more active? Would an arcade or shoutbox make it more active? Ask yourself questions and then experiment with your answers. Experiment, Experiment…

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