• Sign it Right: Tips to Create an Effective Email Signature

    … time and make it look professional. Follow the rules and sign it right! . About the author: Haley Osborne is a copywriter and contributing blogger at, a professional writing service. Haley is also an expert in content and email marketing, as well as business writing. You may contact her via Facebook or Google+ Sign it Right: Tips…

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  • Sigstr: Manage Campaigns in Your Corporate Email Signatures

    Every email that’s being sent out of your inbox is a marketing opportunity. While we send our newsletter out to a ton of subscribers, we also send another 20,000 emails in daily communication back and forth between staff, clients, prospects, and public relations professionals. Asking everyone to add a banner to promote a white paper or upcoming webinar typically goes over with little success.

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  • What is a Slogan? Slogans of Famous Brands and their Evolution

    … and Irish sluagh-ghairm tanmay (sluagh “army”, “host” + gairm “cry”). Marketing slogans are often called taglines in the United States or straplines in the UK. Europeans use the terms baselines, signatures, claims or pay-offs. Does anyone remember our slogan? Doubtful… I’m not even sure my business partner knows that’s our slogan! In fact, does…

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