• Whose Role Does Content Marketing Belong To?

    … it belong to advertisers because, without distribution, your content goes nowhere? Does it belong to marketers because it helps generate leads? Does it belong to a new role—the content marketer—so it can apply a very specific skill set? The problem with this kind of thinking, of course, is it creates silos. Silos, by their very nature, are harmful…

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  • The Signs Your Marketing Isn’t Integrated, and Why It Matters

    … Aimlessly scrolling through Facebook the other day, I observed an interaction between a friend (let’s call her Sue) and a major appliance brand. Sue was frustrated with slow and difficult delivery of her washing machine and dryer. First it was missing a piece. The second time the part came in damaged and now she’ll have to take a third day off…

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  • Don’t Let Your Company Become a Game of Thrones

    … Ah. Your company. It used to be a land of peace and tranquility, where everyone worked together. That was back when the company was small and most people wore more than one hat. No one could afford to be territorial because everyone needed support. Something happened though as your business grew and as your number of team members increased…

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