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  • How Do You Build A Website

    … better and the advice you are getting is about the basic steps of building a website, but not all the little things that will make your life easier as you learn how to run a website or blog. I am going to keep this a simple as possible to help you understand but if you need a little more detail about any of these steps just leave a comment below…

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  • How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

    … will hate yourself later if you don’t buy this” I hate these guys! I want to take a lightsaber and shove it in their (use you imagination) and turn it on…Fushouuuuu! Game Over! The Alliance: (The Good Guys) These guys are us, these guys try to bring quality and value to the internet, we fight the good fight and use the force for good not evil. Ok…

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  • Easy WordPress Setup

    … probably easier for you to watch how it’s done so I will make a video explaining how to setup WordPress soon. But for now this will help you understand how WordPress is setup to make building a website easier than you ever expected. If you are just in the research stage and haven’t already picked a hosting provider, theme or have other questions about…

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  • SEO Basics And Strategies

    …Learning The SEO Basics With Google’s ever changing algorithm it is harder than ever to to keep up with Search Engine Optimization…Or is it? If you think about it Google just wants us to build our websites naturally. Love them or hate them Google has been trying to provide better search results since they went public in 2004. I could go…

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  • How To Start A Website

    Starting a website is easy right? On the surface yes. But if you want to do it right there are some steps you need to take to make sure everything goes smoothly. Steps I failed to make because I didn’t educate myself enough about domain names, hosting providers, content management systems and more. Another huge mistake I made was underestimating the value of keywords.

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  • Best Elegant themes And Why

    …. So the best Elegant Theme depends on you and the main purpose of your website. I’m sure there are better themes out there but for me elegant themes works fantastic. I have tried other themes and wasted some money in the process. In the end I decided to go with elegant themes. Why? Because I’m a tweeker, not the crackhead sitting in the corner…

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  • 9 Must Have WordPress Plugins For New Website Owners

    …Plug It In And Turn It Up To 11 Plugins are what make WordPress great. If you want to do something with your WordPress website chances are there is a plugin that will get it done. For the most part plugins take the place of a coder, I say for the most part because there are just some things like changing your layout of your website that plugins…

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