• What Is a Content Audit and Why Do You Need One?

    … Few activities in B2B marketing yield immediate results. Long sales cycles mean it can take months, if not years, for your work to positively affect business. Luckily, there is one exercise proven to help you out right away: a content audit. What is a content audit, exactly? It’s the process of tracking down and organizing all content produced…

    Dillon Baker/ The Content Strategistin Content- 13 readers -
  • Emergency Alert: We Need to Rethink Content Strategy

    … for search? For UX? Is it any good? Or are some piece of content actually detrimental to your brand. Poor quality, unproductive content will kill your brand. This slide from SiriusDecisions sums up the situation perfectly: Most organizations are plagued with a lot of content rot. According to SiriusDecisions, 65 percent of all B2B content goes…

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  • The Problem That’s Quietly Sabotaging Your Marketing Budget

    …, and the opportunity cost of not doing something else more productive, wasted content can be a massive weight on a team’s budget. According to B2B analyst firm SiriusDecisions, 65 percent of content never goes public because it is either unusable (37 percent) or unfindable (28 percent). If you dissect these numbers to try to understand what’s causing…

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  • 3 Hard Content Marketing Truths

    … This week, I’m on a pilgrimage in the desert. No, not the one my Jewish nana really wants me to take; it’s the one my CMO (very easily) talked me into—the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas, which secretly has the reputation as one of the most insightful marketing events on Earth. Each day, I’ll share what I learn on the ground from…

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  • The Content Marketing Journey, in 3 Stages

    … truly exciting happened: We hired our first CMO, Kelly Wenzel, and started the process of reaching full content marketing maturity. (If you want a sense of her marketing strategy chops, just read this piece.) What that means for our content marketing: Over the next few months, we’re embarking on a content marketing journey. We’re partnering…

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  • Storytelling Is Not a Strategy

    … At the start of 2017, I made the shift from ad tech to martech. In the last decade, I had helped build and steward the brands of two successful ad tech firms recognized for their innovation and amazing cultures, but it was increasingly difficult to ignore the headwinds facing the old media model. The consumers had spoken, and they didn’t want…

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