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    • The Value of Log File Analysis

      Log file analysis is an important tool in any technical SEO audit and really, any regular analysis where you need to better understand how your site is being accessed and crawled by search engines. What Are Log Files and Why Use Them for SEO? Most web servers maintain a log of all access to a website by humans and search engines.

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  • How Many Pages On My Site has Google Indexed? Measuring Site Indexation

    … How many pages on my site has Google indexed? Getting an accurate answer to this question, especially with larger sites, is actually quite difficult. It’s smart to rely on your own data, that’s for sure. We know that using a site: operator in Google search will yield inaccurate results: Five hundred and something pages seems […] The post How Many Pages On My Site has Google Indexed? Measuring Site Indexation appeared first on Builtvisible. …

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  • SEO Tags Virtual Keynote with Gary Illyes and Eric Enge

    … to do? Gary: No. Thank you for having me. Eric: Awesome. Today we’re going to take on many topics related to robot control, indexation control, SEO tags, and managing overall site quality. We’re not going to spend any time on how to implement these specific tags, because you can just use Google and search and learn how to do that. Instead we’re…

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  • Video: Introducing for Technical SEO Best Practices

    … (e.g. canonical tags), website configuration (e.g. mobile site), page elements (e.g. meta description), etc. Rank and SERP: duplicate content, rich snippets, sitelinks, etc. Other topics: information on larger topics such as A/B testing, inventory management, site migration, etc. Also, the site provides a few really handy SEO tools such as an XML…

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  • HTTPS Now a Google Ranking Factor: Some Questions Answered

    … It isn’t often that Google tells us something that will directly affect site rankings. If they do, it’s often because they want to modify our behavior in a certain direction. We saw this tactic from Google when they first began talking about web performance a few years back, and later announced that site speed is in fact a ranking factor…

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