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Site Finder was a wildcard DNS record for all .com and .net unregistered domain names, run by .com and .net top-level domain operator VeriSign between 15 September 2003 and 4 October 2003.
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  • How To Escape the Google Penalty Box

    If you’re new to the Raven blog, then you may be new to our online training classes also. I’ve conducted two so far (you can find them here and here) and have been amazed at not only how many people stay for the Q&A, but also the questions people ask through our Help Desk following these classes.

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  • 7 Link-Building Predictions for 2015

    … According to Chinese astrology, every year is associated with an animal with lucky numbers, colors and flowers accompanying the animal for any given year. The year 2015 is the Year of the Goat, and its lucky number is seven. So, in honor of the still newish new year, I’ve compiled seven link-building predictions to guide you over the next 11…

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