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Site Finder was a wildcard DNS record for all .com and .net unregistered domain names, run by .com and .net top-level domain operator VeriSign between 15 September 2003 and 4 October 2003.
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  • How To Escape the Google Penalty Box

    … in a way that makes sense to a visitor. Do not use exact match anchor text for this. Vary the text and include words that match what visitors will read when they click on the link and arrive at the destination page. Alternatively, create both an HTML sitemap and upload an XML sitemap to Google. Question: The problem is my client wants the current…

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  • 7 Link-Building Predictions for 2015

    … link prospects will identify potential link opportunities. (You can do this with Site Finder.) Armed with this information, often called a S.W.O.T. analysis, you can decide if this is business you want business you can win Prediction No. 2 The Pigeon update will affect more than just local businesses. Citations, whether local or linked, will become…

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