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  • HTTPS Migration – What You Need To Know & How We Did It

    …. Obviously migrating on such a large scale is a big job that can’t be taken lightly, but, is it worth heeding the Gary Illye’s advice? We carried out our own site migration in March to find out. What is HTTPS? I will try and keep this brief and untechnical. When you make a connection to a website via HTTP in order to view a page, your device sends…

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  • Five common website redesign and rebranding mistakes to avoid

    … a website retains the keyword rankings and organic traffic you have built up in the past. Using the SearchMetrics compare tool, you can see over time how successful a redesign or rebrand is, an example of a poorly executed domain switch, would look like this: (brand name excluded, as I don’t want to name & shame!) This is not what you want…

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  • Five things to remember for a smooth, catastrophe-free site migration

    …, use of images, internal linking etc. Leave nothing to chance! Don’t just give it to the nearest Dev Guy. “Barry, are you busy? Can you SEO the new site please?” 2. Consolidate your redirects and mapping Crawling every page of your site is intrinsic to a successful migration. You really need to know where you are before you begin. Create…

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  • 5 Sneaky Site Migration Issues that Sometimes Get Overlooked

    … Search Console to find the rest – but the more that you’re able to detect and remedy pre-launch, the better. 2) Unexpected sub-domain changes (e.g. dropping the www.) For a recent site migration, I had the surprise of my life when the website launched and I immediately realised that the web designer had decided to drop the www. part of the domain…

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  • A Change in Domain Internationalisation Strategy

    … Last year one of my biggest clients decided to re-platform, which was both exciting and bit scary. The reason it was scary was that we decided to migrate the internationalisation of the website from 114 subdomains to a subfolder strategy to consolidate the link equity under a single site. This scale of redirection was more than a little daunting…

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