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  • HTTPS Migration – What You Need To Know & How We Did It

    … TLDR: If you want to migrate your site to HTTPS, you will find this checklist useful. From an SEO point of view, you may get a boost to your site’s organic performance, you may not, but it won’t do any harm to make the switch either. You should also migrate if you want to make the web a better, safer place to be. After a discussion with Dave…

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  • Five common website redesign and rebranding mistakes to avoid

    …: Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages If you get the average sessions and users over 12 months for the section you are going to remove, then subtract this figure from the previous benchmarking figures, you can then forecast organic traffic figures when launching. 3) Messing up redirects Once you have a clear view of how the new website…

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  • Five things to remember for a smooth, catastrophe-free site migration

    … spending millions on a new site if no one’s going to see it. I recently analysed the impact of what happens when site migrations don’t go to plan. Just take a look at this major high street bank – it’s not hard to imagine how much this downtime cost them; both financially and in terms of their SEO legacy. What were they thinking? This company…

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  • 5 Sneaky Site Migration Issues that Sometimes Get Overlooked

    … Estimated reading time: 10 minutes, 23 seconds Fellow State of Digital blogger Briony Gunson recently wrote a great post that detailed the content and SEO side of site migrations, which is when a client redesigns their website and/or changes CMS systems, and you have to consider and plan for the various challenges around such a major change…

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  • A Change in Domain Internationalisation Strategy

    … Last year one of my biggest clients decided to re-platform, which was both exciting and bit scary. The reason it was scary was that we decided to migrate the internationalisation of the website from 114 subdomains to a subfolder strategy to consolidate the link equity under a single site. This scale of redirection was more than a little daunting…

    Louis Venter/ State of Digitalin SEO- 27 readers -
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