• Ensure Bing Ads Are Part Of Your PPC Efforts

    … where your ads are performing. Bing UET Codes Bing UET tracking is nothing new. We all know that the Bing UET tracking codes allow you to track multiple goals, including: Visit duration Custom events Mobile app downloads Pages per visit Destination URLs This is more of a reminder of what it can do, including enhanced attribution. Most tracking…

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  • Spotted: Is Google Testing Sitelinks for YouTube Videos?

    Users of Google should be familiar with sitelinks, those little hyperlinked sub-headings that often appear under the first search result, particularly for a brand, or a specific website. They give users the option to quickly navigate a site to find content they may want without having to visit the homepage.

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  • Standing Out With Google AdWords Extensions

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hello. My name’s Tara, and today I’m going to be talking to you about ad extensions for AdWords. In particular, I’m going to be going look at ad extensions that are relevant to the travel industry and ways that you might want to use them. So let’s start with app extensions.

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  • New Reporting for Dynamic Sitelinks Coming to AdWords

    … In late July, Google announced the launch of “Dynamic Sitelinks”. This announcement means that ads are eligible to have automated sitelinks on them where Google sees fit. Previously, only those with access to the “labs tab” were able to find data when automated sitelinks were available. This information was found under “annotations…

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  • Google Clarifies Sitelinks Search Box Usage in Search Results

    … When Google added the new search box in sitelinks within the Google search results, there were certainly many questions about the new feature. Was it guaranteed to display if a webmaster sets it up? Would it only display for certain queries that would lead Google to believe that additional site: search would be warranted? Or was it something…

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  • Using AdWords Sitelinks to Promote Social Media Accounts

    … your sitelinks to various social media accounts too. Grand Marnier is promoting their Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube accounts with these pay per click ads when you search on their name. While they link to their main website with the main link on their ad, all the sitelinks are to their various social media accounts instead. They are also…

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  • Dynamic Sitelinks – Free Clicks with a Catch

    … Google has made a number of improvements to their ad sitelinks extensions since they launched in 2009. Many of those changes have been cosmetic, including one-line text links, larger text sizes, text snippets, and more. All of this has been in the service of driving more clicks to Google advertisers. Their latest update not only offers potential improvements...continue reading … The post Dynamic Sitelinks – Free Clicks with a Catch appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Sitelinks

    … On Thursday, Google announced that dynamic sitelinks are now available for your ads in AdWords. How Do They Work? Dynamic sitelinks will be automatically placed under your regular ad whenever it seems apparent to Google that the user is looking for a specific product or service that your site provides. The examples that Google gives…

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  • New Dynamic Sitelinks Coming to Google AdWords

    Pay per click experts know that carefully crafted sitelinks can perform phenomenally well for advertisers, leading them to either the best content on the site, or the content that is most likely to convert well or provide the highest ROI. Unfortunately, we know that some advertisers make a complete mess of their sitelinks, either choosing pages that don’t convert, not labellin ...

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  • Google Stats for Individual Sitelinks

    Looks like Google AdWords has been paying attention to some rants from PPC pros. For a while now we’ve been able to see ad stats when individual sitelinks were shown, but not able to see the stats when the sitelink itself was clicked. As of this week, advertisers are now able to see which portion of ...

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  • 3 Key PPC Metrics Are Lying To You. Find Out How

    … data (other than when specifically looking at search partner conversions and CPA). The second is to use Top vs. Other as much as you would use average position. This helps with the problem of not knowing the range and standard deviation. Average CPC How do you make bid changes? The traditional formula is to set your Max CPC to your desired cost…

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