Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is a book by Edward de Bono which describes a tool for group discussion and individual thinking involving six colored hats. "Six Thinking Hats" and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively.In 2005, the tool found some use in the United Kingdom innovation sector, where it was offered by some facilitation companies and had been trialled within the United Kingdom's civil service.
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    …, refine them and then bring them to life. Edward de Bono formalized the brainstorming process with his Six Thinking Hats, attributing different types of thinking (emotional, factual, creative, etc.) to each of six different-colored hats. And this idea of “wearing” a series of different hats when approaching a task is a powerful one because it gives…

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