A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a series of still images which, when shown on a screen, creates the illusion of moving images due to phi phenomenon. This optical illusion causes us to perceive continuous motion between separate objects viewed rapidly in succession. A film is created by photographing actual scenes with a motion picture camera; by photographing drawings or miniature models using traditional animation techniques; by means of CGI and computer animation; or by a combination of some or all of these techniques and other visual effects.
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  • Zergnet caters to traffic-hungry publishers

    … Future got from its previous recommendation widget, Taboola. The traffic is indeed significant. Pawulich said that Zergnet has become GamesRadar’s third-largest traffic source — ahead of even Facebook. Movie blog Slashfilm, which started using Zergnet’s widgets in 2012, gets as much as five times the traffic back as it gives Zergnet. “We’re really…

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