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    • Small and Large Local Marketers Have Remarkably Similar Spending Focus

      Small and Large Local Marketers Have Remarkably Similar Spending Focus February 1, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary We’re getting ready to launch our big Street Fight Local Merchant survey and analysis, and in preparation for that, I came across an enlightening recent small business digital marketing survey.

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    • Luxury Lingerie Maker Cosabella Drives Sales with Email, Social Media

      With Valentine’s Day upon us, what better time for looking at how a lingerie company does its digital marketing? Second-generation family-run Cosabella is a small business that behaves a lot like a larger multinational. Cosabella’s digital marketing and advertising matches a common Street Fight research theme of email and social media effectiveness, but shows a high degree o ...

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    • 8 Golden Tips For Selling Your Small and Medium Sized Business

      As one of my mentors would always say; ‘Business is business, no sentiments in business’, it was easy to chant this until I tried starting up my first business then I realized just how easily you can get sentimental about something that you watched grow by your hands from ground up. Selling a business is a topic that many entrepreneurs wish would never come up in their busin ...

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  • The Small Business Guide To HR

    … Human resources, often called just “HR”, is one of the more complex aspects to running a small business. Unlike other, more tangible assets, people aren’t going to fit too neatly into a spreadsheet or software infrastructure. Despite its challenges, HR is extremely important to the day-to-day running of your business, and certainly not something…

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  • 6 Platforms Merchants Can Use to Capture After-Hours Leads

    … Standard business hours no longer apply for consumers who’ve grown accustomed to shopping online. More and more consumers expect the small businesses in their own communities to be open when they’re ready to book appointments or ask questions, regardless of the time of day. According to a survey by ReachLocal, 23% of local business leads now…

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  • The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

    …This comprehensive list of resources is designed to help small businesses navigate the ever-changing world of online marketing. This online marketing guide will answer your questions about ranking on search engines, increasing conversion rates, and growing your presence on social media. See how much easier your marketing process can be with the help of these […]…

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  • Wasp Barcode 2017 State of Small Business Report

    … Wasp Barcode 2017 State of Small Business Report January 18, 2017 By Erik Emanuelli Leave a Comment Since three years, Wasp Barcode is gathering information among small businesses owners and executive leaders in different markets, creating their State of Small Business Report. You may want to check the results of this survey for 2017…

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  • The Secret to Getting Exactly What You Want (In Business)

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Getting exactly what you want in life or in business seems next to impossible these days. I’m here to tell you, it’s not. I’ve noticed something lately as I’ve been trying to get my way. Tenacity pays off and so does data. Patience is also something to note. In our current society, where we…

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  • Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

    … we can discuss the best course of action for you and your business. Our job is to handle all of your back-end and technical support so that you can focus on growing your business and being the face of your brand. …

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  • Is There an SMB Analytics Market? And If So, What Should It Measure?

    … In this regular Street Fight feature, local marketing gurus David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal kick around some of the biggest ideas affecting the local search ecosystem and the broader industry. Send an email or leave a comment if you have specific topics that you’d like them to touch on in future columns! David: Well, Mike, 2016 is in the books…

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  • Under Pressure, Local TV Advertising Still Shows Lots of Opportunity

    … about a $20 billion business overall. And for all the talk of cord-cutting, over-the-top streaming, and mobile or social media video, TV is still king of all media. Consider these statistics from a recent Nielsen study: Monthly reach: 93% of U.S. adults watched TV. Meanwhile 45% watched video on a PC and 64% watched video on a smartphone…

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  • 4 Amazing Gadgets to Help You Work Smarter

    … With the world of business becoming an increasingly competitive domain, the onus is on businessmen and women to seek as many advantages as possible. There are meetings to attend, strategies to devise, and key decisions to make. Time is one of the greatest resources when it comes to running the day-to-day operations of a business…

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  • The Small Business Guide: Tips and Tools for Building Your Business

    …This small business guide is the perfect reference for small business owners who must navigate marketing, accounting, sales, and customer service. Don’t waste time toggling between tabs when everything you need to know is in one convenient location! Business Writing Resources It’s Just an Email…Right? 5 Types of (Not So) Professional Emails Top 7…

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  • Personal Branding: How to Build Your Brand in 4 Simple Steps

    …When you think of personal branding, superstars come to mind—icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Kim Kardashian, and Ellen DeGeneres. With such giants in the public sphere, it’s easy to forget that personal branding doesn’t always result in national news coverage, a multi-million-dollar TV show, or a personal clothing line. Sometimes…

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  • SEO and Small Businesses – Is It Worth It?

    … Google traffic to web pages. The most relevant kind too, the kind that’s looking for your company. Check out the case studies, you can see what success looks like there. Also read “3 Things Your Small Business Blog Needs To Be Successful“ Author: Kia Barocha is a content marketing strategist at Digital Success Agency, a leading digital marketing…

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