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    • Local businesses bring in new customers with Posts on Google

      Seven out of ten customers visit a business or make a purchase based on info they found online1. With Posts on Google, businesses can share these timely updates right where people find your business on Search and Maps. Creative posts help a new restaurant become a local hit Igor Chang founded HAO Restaurant and Bar to bring Asian dishes to his beachside neighborhood in João Pessoa, Brazil.

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    • Turn customers into advocates with #SmallThanks

      The holiday season is a time to be grateful for friends, family and community. For me, that gratitude includes the small businesses who are a part of my everyday life in California. From my friends at Zombie Runner whose post-run coffee is the best part of my workout, to the folks at Tin-Pot Creamery who make it impossible to give up ice cream; these small businesses make my ...

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    • Insight into the influence and importance of digital marketing in business

      Business enterprises have been adopting different means for promoting and expanding their business. There is no doubt that in this digital age standard ways of promotion very seldom catch anyone’s eyes. However, any promotional step taken by the digital or technological means never fails to attract people’s attention.

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  • Website Design Tips That Will Help Elevate Your Business

    … the services of a professional web design company Use templates to build a cookie-cutter site Typically, the choice comes down to the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in the project. If you have never created a website before, all three of these choices can be a little bit intimidating. If you have a relatively large budget…

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  • AdWords Express helps small businesses grow online in 14 new countries

    AdWords Express was created in 2011 to make advertising on Google accessible to businesses owners without advanced online advertising skills or the resources to hire an expert. AdWords Express has since expanded and, as of this month, is available in 14 new countries and 10 new languages. This expansion follows a recent launch that allows your business to prioritize ad goals, ...

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  • How Greek businesses are going digital with Grow Greek Tourism Online

    … When the recession hit Greece, Ntina Denaxa and her family faced tough times. They had to leave Athens and move to her husband’s hometown of Messaria, a small village in Santorini, using the last of their savings to renovate abandoned houses into a small hotel. Soon after, a neighbor introduced her to an adviser who was in the village showing…

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  • 8 Easy Steps to Build a Personal Brand that Stands Out

    … Personal branding is all about how people will remember you or what people associate you with. To make it simple, this is your own mark in this world and this mark is the quantification of all your knowledge, skills and attitude. What you know, what you are capable of doing and how you do things are all equally imperative in establishing…

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  • The makings of a smart cookie

    … Now that the holidays are in full swing, you’ve probably already dipped your hand into the cookie jar. You may have a favorite time-tested holiday cookie recipe, but this year we decided to mix up our seasonal baking with two new ingredients: a local bakery in Pittsburgh and our Google AI technology. Over the past year, a small research team…

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  • Affiliate Marketing Dead for Mattress Review Websites

    … Affiliate marketing is a mutual and joint business relationship between review websites and product owners. The site or also known as the affiliate is compensated for every client or visitor who purchases goods or services from the company. I recently sat down with Tom who owns a couple of affiliate websites, and he had a lot to share on how…

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  • How Personas Are Turning More Important For Businesses? [How To Create Yours]

    … Are you well-versed with your customers? Do you know what actually they need? Where they love to shop? How much they earn? The answers to these questions might not relate to your product and services directly, but, these would certainly affect your marketing strategy. Why? It’s simple; being important characteristics of your customer’s behavior…

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  • 6 Important Points to Take Care When Starting a Small Business

    … Entrepreneurial streak among the population is at an all-time high. Owing to the digital revolution and booming startup culture, each day, more and more entrepreneurs continue to bud in different parts of the world. However, it is a grounded fact that half of these businesses wind up in the first five years. In case of small businesses…

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  • Cafes, lockers and more small-business services: What the bank of the future should look like

    … Bank of America’s Sharon Miller is looking forward to a year of more hiring. “You know what I hear a lot of?” said the bank’s small business banking head. “’Sharon, we need more bankers, we need more bankers!’” Miller oversees more than 2,500 small business banking specialists across 4,600 branches in 90 different local markets. In the next…

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  • 6 Proven Rules for Successful Business from People Who Have Made it!

    ….” Apart from this business strategy, here are rules of success by Elon Musk: Never give up– People who easily give up when a small hurdle crosses their paths are the ones who won’t have any success in their life. To become successful, you need to preserve. Look for Problem Solvers – Hire people who solve the problems you are facing. You cannot…

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  • 7 Tips for a Successful Business Partnership

    … The startup is a common name for a business/company, firm or project that recently appeared. There are no clear limitations in time, but usually, the gap is from a few weeks to several months. After this period, the project, in any case, ceases to be a start-up, as either it receives recognition and investment support to continue development…

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  • Businesses from Brazil to India build free websites with Google

    … Having a website helps local businesses reach new, interested customers, and when those business link to a website on their Google listing, they get 25-35% more clicks (according to internal research). But building a website takes time, and it can feel like a distraction from the work small business owners do to turn their dreams into success…

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  • New Age Marketing Strategies For Business Owners

    … Marketing and business may seem like different areas, but they are related with one another. Any kind business or service needs a proper marketing to get it conveyed to potential customers. Marketing is the bridge that fills the gap between consumers and service providers. Sometimes business owners are reluctant to marketing or maybe just…

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  • Small Scale Risk: Modern Assessment Practices For SMBs

    … rawpixel / Pixabay When setting up a small business, standard practice demands that your business plan outline the risks involved, but this basic framework is often insufficient when it comes to day-to-day operations. Simply put, it’s impossible to predict the ways in which technology will change in the near future and the associated risks…

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