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    • 8 Different Sources of Finance for Startups

      One of the toughest challenges for a startup is evaluating various sources of finance and raising the money needed to get going. You are the entrepreneur, and you believe you have a great idea that you can transform into a successful business. But convincing others of the worth of your idea is no piece of cake.

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    • 3 Easy Steps to the Best Healthcare for Small Business

      This is a sponsored post by UnitedHealthcare. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Within the past year, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has created an online tool to make healthcare for small businesses simpler. I wrote about it recently in the post, “How to Make Shopping for Small Business Healthcare Easy.

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    • How to Build a Corporate Training Curriculum to Increase Employee Productivity

      There are two ways to scale up business output. Although increasing your workforce is the most popular choice, doing so also comes with higher overhead. A better alternative is to improve your worker productivity through corporate training. According to a study published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, businesses with fewer than 100 employees offer about 24 minutes of ...

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  • How Small Businesses and Startups Can Use SEO to Fuel Growth

    Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.—James Cash Penney, founder of JCPenney The path to growth for startups and small businesses is not due to a singular business process or function. Instead, businesses grow as a result of strong processes and functions working together to create an integrated, dynamic company.

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  • 7 Must-Have Tools for Every Startup

    … Creating a startup can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for any entrepreneur. The drive to propose an innovative solution to solve a pressing problem is the first, and often most exciting, step. But without certain must-have tools, your startup will not do nearly as well as it could. Every startup needs to be able to make the transition…

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  • 5 Expensive Pension Mistakes That Are More Common Than You Think

    … your retirement contributions. Low-fee options are worth exploring because, over time, those small fees add up tremendously. 4. Relying on your Property Assets to Help You in Your Retirement If you’re asset-rich in the form of a nice home that you’ve invested in, don’t assume it will translate to you one day being cash-rich if you sell…

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  • 3 Ways Your Company Will Benefit from Cloud Computing Integration

    … Cloud computing integration is the wave of the future, and it’s expanding right now. This technology provides a way for people to easily share resources, information, and software across a network using multiple devices. For the most part, you will need the internet in order to access files in the cloud. But since every self-respecting business…

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  • Small Business Website Checklist: What You Need Lined Up Before Going Live

    … installed an analytics tracking code on your website. Your web design agency doesn’t own the analytics account. You want to make sure you have free access to your account and can make changes as necessary. Your analytics software defines your goals and funnels. You have properly integrated your analytics tool and webmaster tools. You have put…

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  • Know Everything You Have to About User Retention

    … there has to be good content about the product or the service, something even you would read. You should be able to promote your content to your target audience. No matter how good the content is, if you are unable to get it to the target audience, it won’t make any difference. 7. Improve Customer Experience Similar to Maslow’s hierarchical needs…

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  • Cloud Biometrics: Conveniently Safeguarding Our Data for Our Future

    … Cloud computing is a field of computer networking that is providing opportunities for using infrastructure, hardware, or application as a service. Organizations are looking to cloud computing because its cost-effectiveness and security options make it a reasonable solution for their needs. We should note that using a third party for cloud…

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  • No Time to Delay – Move Your Website to HTTPS Now!

    … an experience where people feel secure when entering their vulnerable information on the internet. Here are some of the biggest advantages of migrating to a HTTPS. 1. It’s a Small Google Ranking Factor You should welcome with open arms anything that improves your organic rank on Google’s search. Google is very secretive about what impacts your rank…

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  • 5 Proven Finance Management Tips for Small Businesses

    … 5 Proven Finance Management Tips for Small Businesses September 25, 2017 By Pankaj Verma Leave a Comment Managing money is one of the most important parts of any business, whether big or small. If a company wishes to survive in the midst of tough industry competition as well as a volatile and uncertain economy, it needs to implement proper…

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  • How to Make Shopping for Small Business Healthcare Easy

    … Out of the many challenging aspects of adult life, surely one of the most frustrating is dealing with insurance. This is true for both individuals and for companies considering small business healthcare. Because there aren’t immediate and tangible benefits, paying for insurance can feel like dumping money into a black hole. But going without…

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  • The Impact of Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

    … but also makes probabilistic determinations. Several organizations are now using Watson to look for lower cost, alternative vendors. Moreover, such technology also can improve invoice processing. Using AI and machine learning, RPA can handle the verification of the business, the vendors, and the procurement organizations. RPA will ensure…

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  • 10 Quick Money Making E-Commerce Business Ideas

    … In case you are looking for some business ideas to earn some easy bucks online, e-commerce plays a pivotal role in doing so. The advent of the internet has impacted the way in which enterprises operate every single day. Incorporating eCommerce business ideas into daily life is a fantastic way to begin your online adventure. E-commerce has…

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  • The Benefits of Online Remarketing

    … So you’ve run an online marketing campaign but have noticed that not everyone who visited your site converted. Luckily, there’s a great way to market to these lost potential customers. That way is through targeted remarketing. What Is Remarketing? Online remarketing is the process of using paid online advertising to attract potential customers…

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  • How to Secure Your Workplace Cell Phone

    … private data. Ensure your software is constantly updated, not only on your mobile device but also on your personal computer. Use Security Applications Security applications are another great way to make sure your mobile device is not only operating efficiently but that it is also operating much like a small computer. It is important to keep…

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