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    • 5 Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Facebook Ad Campaign

      Facebook is number one when it comes to social networking sites. With over 1.94 billion active monthly users, its influence is too significant to ignore. With this many people on Facebook, it’s certain that your audience is on Facebook. Your main job is to find them. According to Brian Bolan (one time VP of Ads and Product Marketing for Facebook), Facebook is where people vi ...

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    • 4 Reasons Why Project Management Can Help You Grow

      It is important for every business, regardless of its size, to run its operations as effectively as possible. This is why project management is critical. Project management sounds easy. Just implement project management software and keep track of the projects, and you are on track. But it’s not! Successful project management requires a team of individuals with different tale ...

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    • Increase Productivity by Instilling a Culture of Focus in Your Workplace

      There is no replacement for a skilled, dedicated workforce. But making minor changes to how you structure a workday can have an extremely positive impact on the level of productivity and focus across your business. Attempting to grow a small business can be a real challenge, particularly if you have no notable management or hiring experience.

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  • How Small Businesses Can Play Big in the Internet Market

    … Every business strives to expand its audience. The best way to do so is to create a website. It doesn’t matter if you have a business blog, online store, or even a one pager. You can’t simply avoid SEO standards. If you’ve joined the game, then you need to play by the rules. The first advice all specialists give to every business is to hire…

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  • 5 Key Strategies to Break into the $2 Trillion Public Sector Market

    … Companies often overlook the bounty of opportunities in the public sector. They see breaking into the business of government contracting as daunting or only for the largest players. It is true that breaking into the government marketplace can initially be complex. But it can be also be a valuable and lucrative sales growth opportunity for your…

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  • How to Grow Your Online Business With These Powerful Tools

    There are over 1 billion websites on the internet. Each has its own objectives, audience, and competitors. If you have an online business, there may be thousands (if not hundreds) of similar platforms competing against you. In such scenarios, standing out amongst your fellow contenders becomes a bit difficult. You need to have a certain edge to catch the eyes of potential customers.

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  • 4 Ways to Keep Your Product Design On-Brand

    …. It’s sophisticated and elegant, yet user-friendly—and all of these qualities scream Apple. Of course, not everybody has Apple’s formidable resources to throw at product design. If a company is just starting out, chances are money is pretty tight. The business simply needs to nail down some key principles and iterate from there. In this short…

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  • 3 Ways You Can Get to Know Your Brand Audience Behind the Scenes

    … priority for each user individually, as well as observe patterns as a whole in your community. Here are some examples of feedback initiatives from my community members: Feedback initiative created by a fellow member of my freelancing community, encouraging everyone to fill out a Google form. I would receive an Excel sheet with all their answers…

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  • Best E-Commerce Platforms to Start an Online Store

    … The world is now experiencing the rapid rise of the e-commerce business. As with any undertaking, there are aspects unique to starting an online store that are important to understand. You need to get information about the available platforms, as well as research payment gateways, photography of the goods, and marketing through social media…

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  • How to Grow Your Business by Engaging Latino Communities

    There are 56.6 million Hispanics in the U.S., nearly 18% of the population. If Latinos residing here were considered as an independent economy, they would be the ninth in the world. That would be larger than Spain! According to Statista, the aggregate buying power of Hispanics in the U.S. is projected to be $1.7 trillion in 2017.

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  • How Not to Miss the Benefits of the Most Common Online Tools You Have

    … with Google support. Working with Google was better than no help at all. But Tarasiuk couldn’t tell if his company’s concerns were really Google’s top priority. He didn’t see a noticeable benefit to their campaigns during that time period. According to Tarasiuk, knowing how to use Adwords is so important that, If a small business cannot manage…

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  • For Serious Marketers! 65 Tasks You Need to Outsource Immediately

    … learn the act of outsourcing. According to Neil Patel, “Outsourcing will save your life.” I started blogging in 2010. From 2010 to 2014, I did everything on my own. I created my blog myself and did all the blogging and marketing related tasks, just as you might be doing now. I lived this way for a good four years, and guess what happened: I…

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  • Marketing Automation: A False Hope for Small Businesses?

    … that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows.” Marketing your business can often feel like a bottomless pit of work that sucks up your time. So the prospect of automating even a part of it certain resonates with busy entrepreneurs. Let’s dig deeper into marketing automation for small businesses, the common pitfalls, and the best…

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  • Time to Finally Get Serious About Social?

    … You don’t have to be a king or queen of social, spouting the latest lingo or flexing your trending muscles, to reap the benefits of social media marketing. You don’t have to use social media at all, mind you, if you don’t need new customers or business. But depending on your industry and its competitive landscape, there are tons of reasons you…

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  • How to Promote Your Small Business Online

    … advertising such as Facebook Ads. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, might be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but it’s still incredibly effective. Google AdWords is the world’s most popular pay-per-click option, while, Facebook, and are other contenders. Unlike your website…

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  • 5 Ways to Manage Increases in Deal Flow

    …. By streamlining sales processes, brands can reduce wasted time and inconsistency. Automation also prevents sales reps from losing leads and keeps reps from having to dig through piles of notes to recall the status of each prospect. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you can use sales automation to increase revenue, yet some businesses still fail to take…

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