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    • The Impact of Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

      Robotic process automation, or RPA, is software that uses artificial intelligence to handle tasks. Today, RPA is being used in several fields, including health care and telecommunications. Photo by Fabian Blank But the use of Robotic Process Automation in financial services surpasses the rest of its uses. Take the example of approving and funding a home mortgage.

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    • How to Secure Your Workplace Cell Phone

      Having a workplace cell phone can be exciting, especially if you’ve never had a cell phone from your employer before. However, it’s still very important to remember that security should always be your top priority. This is especially true if you use your device to make purchases. You also need to be cautious if you perform other activities that require you to input your personal information.

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    • The Benefits of Online Remarketing

      So you’ve run an online marketing campaign but have noticed that not everyone who visited your site converted. Luckily, there’s a great way to market to these lost potential customers. That way is through targeted remarketing. What Is Remarketing? Online remarketing is the process of using paid online advertising to attract potential customers who have previously visited your website.

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  • How to Make Shopping for Small Business Healthcare Easy

    … Out of the many challenging aspects of adult life, surely one of the most frustrating is dealing with insurance. This is true for both individuals and for companies considering small business healthcare. Because there aren’t immediate and tangible benefits, paying for insurance can feel like dumping money into a black hole. But going without…

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  • 10 Quick Money Making E-Commerce Business Ideas

    … In case you are looking for some business ideas to earn some easy bucks online, e-commerce plays a pivotal role in doing so. The advent of the internet has impacted the way in which enterprises operate every single day. Incorporating eCommerce business ideas into daily life is a fantastic way to begin your online adventure. E-commerce has…

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  • How to Get Your Customers to Pay Faster

    … Businesses are used to jumping through hoops for their clients. With their websites, for example, companies go to great lengths to turn their visitors into customers. Once they attract their customers, companies do a lot to maintain their engagement levels. Of course, this process is just a part of doing business, and a business that doesn’t go…

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  • Configuration Management: What It Means for Businesses

    … role in project management, audits, and debugging. While there are several benefits of configuration management, the immediate ones include the following. Increasing Productivity Configuration management, with the aid of automation, reduces IT staff time. Reducing User Downtime CM significantly reduces cyber-attacks, security invasions, system…

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  • 7 Tips for Attracting Consumers to Your Small Business

    … capture the attention of consumers. Strengthen Relationships Transforming a new small business into a success takes a lot of hard work. While certain productivity hacks can aid you in tackling jobs on your to-do list, you also need to be engaging to your customers. You can strengthen relationships and form strong bonds by listening to your customers…

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  • 5 Free Tools to Streamline Your Digital Marketing Strategies

    … repetitive tasks, or collecting data regarding email or promotional campaigns. Depending on the business and the marketing strategy, parting with some cash for marketing tools might be the right decision. However, for many, a tight budget necessitates tools that offer free, robust features and high-quality capabilities. These five free tools offer…

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  • 4 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

    … Clear and proper goal-setting is instrumental in business growth. Goals allow a company to identify realistic growth rates, clarify areas in need of improvement, and move toward continued success. Photo by When it comes to goal setting, we often find the best advice by looking at what we shouldn’t do. Understanding what not to do can…

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  • Business Growth: Recruiting for Cultural Fit

    … be overwhelming trying to find “The One.” Bringing the right people into your business is the biggest challenge any organisation faces, according to Guv Jassal, Director of Washington Frank, an international technology recruiting company. Making the right decision is even more crucial when you are a small business owner or a startup. Individual employees can…

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  • How NextCon17 Can Help You Boost Customer Experience

    …. It does not include meals or the VIP event on Tuesday night. The VIP track includes everything the General Access package includes plus the addition of extra sessions with business and CX experts and free lunches Mon. and Tue. VIP attendees also get to attend an exclusive party and a concert featuring Bret Michaels, frontman of rock group Poison. Fresh…

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  • 3 Powerful Lessons for Novice Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

    … Challenges As I started to make a name for myself in a few circles, people started offering me opportunities to try my hand at different aspects of online marketing. Early on, I made the mistake of shying away from these opportunities. HUGE MISTAKE! I eventually learned to say “yes” under the following conditions: I knew that I could probably figure…

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  • 4 Simple Productivity Hacks That Will Transform Your Startup Forever

    … not producing anything, and your startup is dying, making $0.00 every month. God save your soul. You might think that all you need to bring it back to life is some motivational guidance from an overpaid expert. Please don’t waste your money. All you need is a few simple productivity hacks that’ll help you do the work necessary to transform your…

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  • 11 Tips for Entrepreneurs Before Starting Facebook Advertising Campaigns [VIDEO]

    … have a business account? Facebook will suspend your account if it has suspicious behavior even though the things you are doing are fine. You could be spending too fast or creating too many ads too soon. You could also be doing a million other things on the page. Running your ads through a business account and managing your ads from there will make…

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  • Marketing With Instagram: It is Very Doable!

    … Facebook and Pinterest, there are affordable paid advertising options available as well. Even with a modest monthly marketing budget, Instagram offers many self-service advertising options. One example is their three advertising formats, including video, carousel, and photo/image. Four Benefits of Marketing with Instagram Whether you are using Instagram…

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  • Small Business Websites: How to Make Yours More Compelling

    … should dictate where you build it and what you put on it. An ecommerce site is very different from a site for a local small business. Websites that rank online have content worth linking to and sharing. Ask yourself these questions: Do you want to build the site yourself using a website builder or have it built for you? Will you regularly…

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