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    • 3 Personal Finance Mistakes That Could Cripple Your Business

      The success or failure of a business depends upon many factors. Such factors include the quality of the product or service; management; pricing; and competition among others. How Personal Finance Mistakes Harm Business Finances A hidden but important factor that could determine the success or failure of a business is the personal finances of the owner.

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    • Setting Up Space Where You Can Be Creative: The Home Office

      More and more individuals are choosing to work from home. The reason why is there are more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers entering the workforce. Some do so out of necessity. Some do so out of pure enjoyment or thrill. There are also some who do so part-time to help augment their household incomes. Whatever your reason, it is not as though you can snap your fingers and get work done.

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    • How to Promote Your Small Business Online

      The days of business cards and advertisements in the local newspaper are over. Nowadays, the internet is the only place you should promote your small business. And luckily for you, promoting your business online is often much more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. Doing so also allows you to reach a wider audience much faster.

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  • 5 Ways to Manage Increases in Deal Flow

    …. By streamlining sales processes, brands can reduce wasted time and inconsistency. Automation also prevents sales reps from losing leads and keeps reps from having to dig through piles of notes to recall the status of each prospect. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you can use sales automation to increase revenue, yet some businesses still fail to take…

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  • 5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Motivate Themselves

    … Are you a small business owner who is struggling to stay motivated? Trying to stay motivated is a common hurdle that a large number of entrepreneurs face. Many businesses fail as a result of a lack of drive. However, there are strategies for overcoming this problem and eventually building a more successful company. Below are some of the most…

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  • Why You Need to Treat Job Applicants Like Customers

    … for my time and complimented me on my strengths was encouraging. It made the rejection much easier than it would have been otherwise. That recruiter’s behavior was a pretty good example of how brands should treat their job applicants: like their customers. Yet many companies fail to understand how they hurt themselves when they treat potential…

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  • Can Trump Help Small Businesses in the USA?

    … does have a unique approach as a president. But according to a number of business experts and officials: The Trump administration could help small businesses in the USA in a few different ways.Click To Tweet Here are some steps President Trump could take to help smaller companies. 1. Encouraging the Hiring of Small Businesses Some believe Trump…

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line Part Two

    … Hopefully, you’ve read and started to implement some of what you discovered in Part One. If so, you should now be starting to fully appreciate how extremely savvy small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and service providers are sitting on untapped money-making goldmines. You should also hopefully realize that it is a huge and common…

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line

    … at least two pizzas or more, they can add any toppings they want to each one, but only have to pay the regular cheese pizza rate. Exclusive Benefits Become a Powerful Lead Generation Strategy Just in case you’re wondering, the pizza shop doesn’t create the two-sided laminated card until it gets an actual delivery order. Then the business dates…

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  • The 5 Steps You Need to Nail Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    … In 2017, having a digital marketing strategy is not so much a luxury as it is a necessity. In order to grow your business, connect with your audience and stay relevant online, it is crucial to integrate a digital strategy into your overall marketing plan. Don’t know where to start? Follow these five steps to be on the path to digital marketing…

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  • On Growing Your Business: 3 Key Ways to Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs

    … On Growing Your Business: 3 Key Ways to Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs April 18, 2017 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment People who say they have nothing left to learn are foolish, to say the least. Actually, the most successful businessmen and women understand that every day of their lives is a learning experience. They know that the only…

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  • Why Would I Want a Business Analysis?

    … You have heard the term “business analysis” or even “business analysts.” Business analysis sounds important, but is it something that you need as a small business? You are not sure if you should add it to your list of worries or if it is just a fancy phrase to help the big companies sound official. Business analysis is actually a crucial…

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  • Upgrade to Subscription Billing Software for Better Management

    … Businesses with subscribers have their work cut out for them. Sometimes it can feel equally like a blessing and a curse to have subscribers. They are seemingly faithful customers you count on for regular profits and revenues. However, if you don’t have the best subscription billing software, you might be losing them or slowly turning them off…

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  • Gail Gardner @GrowMap Interview on Talent Talk Radio #Smallbiz

    … with each other. More requests were coming to me than I could possibly handle, so I started sharing them with talented people who aren’t as visible. This gives them more work and makes it simpler for small businesses to find the best content writers, social media managers and media creators. Q2) “Providing expert advice to small businesses that can least…

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  • How to Increase Security at Your Company

    … SimpliSafe notes that “whether you’re a boutique clothing spot, a small translation firm, a restaurant or a literary agent,” it is still important for you to protect the premises of your business. Some companies, such as ones specializing in graphic design, own costly equipment. Many businesses have sensitive client information on-site. You might…

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