Small Business Challenges

    • Why You Should Not Allow Workplace Gambling

      Anyone who lives or works in close quarters with another human being knows that there will eventually be conflict. Conflict often comes from misunderstandings between people. However, it could also be that an individual’s personal struggles are so great that they disrupt those around them. One situation that can lead to serious consequences is that of workplace gambling.

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    • United Healthcare Is the Easy Choice for Small Businesses

      I was 25 when Obamacare went into effect. I had been off my parents’ health insurance plan for some time and had already had some adventures in trying to find affordable coverage on my own. Unfortunately, my birthday is right at the end of January. Twenty-five days after the Affordable Care Act was implemented, I turned 26.

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  • 5 Small Business Challenges and How to Overcome Them

    … Maintaining an effective small business provides a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Eight out of ten business visionaries begin as tiny startups for their first year and a half. Here is a list of small business challenges and ways to resolve them. 1. Overseeing New Workers Requires Some Serious Energy Onboarding each new employee can…

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