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  • 13 Tips and Tactics to Propel Your Small Business Growth

    … business. Near-term small business growth tips: Analyze the performance of your sales team. If they aren’t meeting your expectations, or they are showing signs of ambivalence, shake things up. Bring in new blood working on commission only. Write down everything you do and categorize these tasks. Find tasks that you can delegate to others…

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  • 5 Ways to Get More Hours in the Day

    … There’s one commodity that always seems to be in short supply, with no way to get more of it. I’m talking about time. I don’t think I’ve met a small business owner yet who didn’t say something like, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” As far as I can tell, there are only two ways to give you more productive hours each day. Slow…

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  • How to Tell If a Government Grant Offer Is a Scam

    …. Also, some agencies like National Institutes of Health and the Defense Department participate in the Small Business Innovation Research program, which helps companies research tech innovations for possible commercialization in areas that are of interest to these agencies. At the state/county level, there are many financial assistance programs…

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  • 19 Tips to Help You Get and Stay Motivated

    … It can be lonely at the top! And in the long run, that can be a major de-motivator for the small business owner. Of course, the stress and the long hours can also make it difficult to maintain your enthusiasm or commitment to your small business. If you’re wondering how to get your motivation back, try out these 19 different motivation tips…

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  • What Is a Balance Sheet, and How Can I Use It to Manage My Business?

    Creating a balance sheet can be a challenging task for small business owners. Especially if you’re not schooled in finance and do not fully understand the ins and outs of financial statements, you may feel uncertain at first. In this post, I’ll cover what a balance sheet is, how it benefits your business, and the important sections you need to include. Let’s get started.

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  • 6 Ways to Reward Employees When You’re on a Budget

    … The holiday season is a time for giving. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still do something meaningful for your employees to spread holiday cheer and show how much you value their support. A few thoughtful acts can remind employees how much they mean to your business, and in turn, you’ll be rewarded with a happy team that’s eager to build…

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  • How to Write a Job Posting in 5 Easy Steps

    Writing a job posting that wins candidates over is no easy task. This is especially true for small businesses that don’t have an HR department to guide them through the process. Deciding where to start, what to include, and how to make it sound interesting can stump even the most natural writers — but following a step-by-step process ensures you cover all the important points ...

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  • One Unexpected Place to Find Capital for Your Business

    … Show me the money! That’s what many small business owners say to me. Where can we find the funds we need to grow our business? The answer today is much better than it was a decade ago because innovative new financing options for small businesses are popping up almost every day. However, they all come with limitations. Here is a super quick…

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  • How Not to Lose a Job Candidate in Ten Days

    … and cannot say. Or get some advice from resources like SHRM. Whatever you do, always show appreciation for the time someone took out of their day to meet you. A great candidate experience will always translate to a promotion of your brand. Looking for more hiring advice? Here’s Why Small Businesses Need to Deliver a Great Interview Experience and How…

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  • Are Independent Contractors the Answer to Your Staffing Needs?

    …, make sure you carefully review what your relationship will be with the individual you are going to hire. A few dollars saved today could be a costly mistake tomorrow. Interested in learning more? Join Constant Contact and Susan Solovic for a special online event, The Power of People: How to Grow and Market Your Small Business through Relationships…

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  • A Kindergartner’s Guide to Small Business Management

    … and plays well with others.” What was really being measured in that report card category was a child’s niceness and teamwork abilities. In today’s post, let’s take a leaf out of Fulghum’s book and think about what Kindergarten report cards can teach us about small business management. Bosses shouldn’t be bossy It turns out that being nice pays off…

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  • How Small Business Owners Can Balance Work and Life

    … Running a business is not easy. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and sacrifice. If you operate your own small business, you’re likely all too familiar with the never ending to do list. Maybe you’ve even given up weekends and burned the midnight oil to make sure everything gets done. But there has to be a line. If you push yourself too…

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