Small Business Marketing Strategies

  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line Part Two

    … extremely valuable advice that people can apply to their businesses in the next 30 days or less! As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this. Thanks! And be sure you grab your explosive, free 22-step small business marketing idea kit series. It will help you increase your profits by as much as 25% in the next 90…

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line

    … clamoring to become a part of this VIP club as well, right? And all the local delivery driver does is physically hole punch the card to indicate the holder has used his one-day savings for the next 12 months. Can you see how this entire proven marketing strategy acts like a market tested lead magnet? #4) Once a year, as long as cardholders order…

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  • The 5 Steps You Need to Nail Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    … specific to its unique format. Keep an eye on these three points: Shares—When your audience shares your content, consider it free and valid publicity. You can use a tool such as Hootsuite to measure how often your content is shared and which pieces perform best. Comments—Comments indicate that your content prompted a response from your…

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  • How to Use Lead Magnets to Grow Your Business Effectively

    So what type of low-cost, high-powered lead magnets are you using to out-promote your big buck major competitors? Or maybe the opening question should be, are you in fact currently using battle-tested lead magnets of any kind? And if not, why not? They certainly can be extremely inexpensive and effective at attracting, retaining, and re-activating your target market.

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  • Three Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now! Part Two

    … idea about your particular customer, client and or patients, total lifetime customer value. Otherwise, you’re potentially flirting with a major disaster laying in wait! Make sure whatever offers you make are sustainable and profitable. You don’t want to be going into the red to fulfill them! Get Effective At Lead Generation And You’ve Just Taken…

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  • 3 Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now!

    … “Coffee Club” members. Then set another, much higher, retail price for everybody else. You’ll understand the complete method to the marketing madness in just a little bit, so please stay tuned! Convert Part of Your Loyal Customer Base into Lead Magnets So your VIP “Coffee Club” members only pay $1.79 or less per cup. A little market price testing…

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  • Marketing Strategies for Small Business

    … How to make content marketing strategies more effective for small business If your content marketing strategies aren’t gaining your small business the results you were hoping for, we’ve got some tips that will make them more effective. Many small business owners who enthusiastically jumped into content marketing are finding that effectively…

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