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    • How to Turn Your Dead Assets into Mega Profit Centers

      Do you have any idea just how many aspiring entrepreneurs have written books on practically every subject imaginable? And did you know that according to a recent survey by Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, the vast majority of the unsold copies get shredded? A staggering 77% of the 9,200+ survey participants readily admitted that they barely earn more than $1,000 dollars gross profit a .

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  • How You as an Entrepreneur Can Benefit from WOMM Part Two

    … In Part One of this series, we saw how certain savvy entrepreneurs avoid hiring outrageously expensive marketing agencies. Instead, they get their customers and other vendors to gladly help spread the word for them at no additional cost. In Part Two, you will discover another proven, low-cost, unconventional way of consistently generating…

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  • How You as an Entrepreneur Can Benefit from WOMM

    … Have you noticed how most severely cash-starved small business owners, startups and or service providers routinely settle for some rather dismal rates of returns (ROI’s) when it comes to their conventional, advertising/marketing campaigns? On the other hand, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, seem to consistently generate a ton of online buzz…

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  • Three Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now! Part Two

    … good only for the next 90 days. (This is just initially a simple price test in order to gauge your best customers’ responses to it.) Some Of Your Best And Most Profitable Small Business Advice Will Come From Some Of Your Very Best Customers And Or Clients! And here’s your A/B split test offer to them, for just a one-time upfront payment of five…

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  • 3 Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now!

    … on a razor thin shoestring budget! Click To Tweet How to Increase Your Gross Profits on a Budget To kick things off with a bit of a marketing bang, let’s use a local mom-and-pop style retail small business owner of some kind. This type will illustrate the first two proven marketing concepts. And a typical small business owner will be our third…

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  • How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

    … businesses operating on a tight budget. Put them into effect and get ready for the virtual crowds! SEO marketing SEO marketing is the most essential step to increasing traffic to your small business website. Research has shown that 90% of consumers now search online for information about businesses, products, and services before making a purchase…

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