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    • The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

      The topic of SEO likely came up when you set up content on your website, or perhaps if you’ve gotten so far as blogging and heard about it there. SEO (search engine optimization) is a tactic we use to ensure our business ranks well enough with search engines such that it shows up prominently on results pages.

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  • Prepare Yourself For Advanced SEO Trends in 2017

    … smarter to react to what the users actually intend to look for. Today’s users are inputting long phrases in search engines that collect data and heuristics to list the results in a more intelligent manner. Therefore businesses must now shift to base their digital content to focus on intent rather than just key words. Therefore you need to do…

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose us as your SEO Partner

    … of your bad reputation online or would like to draw more traffic from social media sources, we have fantastic packages that can work wonders for your expectations. We are experts in social media marketing and reputation management. We are highly trusted in the industry for the most effective press releases we do for our clients and also for our…

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  • Why Businesses Must Have Dedicated In-house SEO Expert

    … looking from several angles, it always makes sense to hire an in-house SEO expert if your business is serious about getting the expected results in a measurable and permanent manner. Mouzzam Jafri Head Of Internet Marketing at TechIndiaSoftware a leading Web Design & Development Company . Years of Experience in Internet Marketing always focus on results driven SEO Techniques and work under latest Google Guidelines. …

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  • How do you choose the right keywords for SEO?

    … of enough number of secondary phrases. Sprinkle the target word here are there in the article. There is no ideal or magic number for the number of times the keyword can repeat. Therefore while you might aim for using the keyword at least three times in long articles, never force it to look unnatural. Mouzzam Jafri Head Of Internet Marketing…

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  • Online Marketing Services for Small Businesses

    … be found…by looking online, of course. Some of the services they have to offer can help you see much more expedient results in your marketing efforts via responsive website design, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) strategies, and more. They succeed when you succeed. They give you peace of mind when you lock…

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  • Ecommerce business strategies: Instagram for Business Marketing

    …Instagram is a mobile social media for sharing your everyday moments – photos and videos with your friends and followers. The social platform has now 300 million active users and continues to grow, so for your e-commerce business it can become … Continue reading → (Read more...) The post Ecommerce business strategies: Instagram for Business Marketing appeared first on - Promodo Blog. …

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  • A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search Optimization

    … a day of conducting a local search online. Over the next few years it’s very probable that these numbers will only continue to increase. With conversion rates like these, it’s clear that there are revenue driving benefits to optimizing your local presence so that you can be seen online by more of your potential customers. Small business owners often…

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  • 5 Easy Link Building Tactics for Small Business

    … Many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) dismiss link building as something they don’t have time for. SEO in general can often be viewed as an unnecessary nuisance that many SMBs ignore. In fact, link building is absolutely necessary, but only if your business is interested in search visibility. If your business would benefit from search…

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  • SEO 101: 5 Link Building Opportunities for Blogs and Small Businesses

    … are gold mines, as they not only provide links, but potentially access to clients/customers your brand is targeting. Obtainability. Can you get a link from the page? Do they list content or resources similar to yours? Capacity. Does your site have enough resources to get a link from the page/domain? Understanding these three important considerations […] The post SEO 101: 5 Link Building Opportunities for Blogs and Small Businesses by @venchito14 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. …

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  • Get on that Map: Local SEO Best Practices [VIDEO WEBINAR]

    … This webinar was given on June 19, 2014 Learn all about Local SEO best practices, including basic on-site SEO for businesses, business profiles, directory and citation providers, duplicate listings, reviews, and more in this free PortentU webinar. Watch the full video: Get the link bundle here. See just the slidedeck here. The post Get on that Map: Local SEO Best Practices [VIDEO WEBINAR] appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Creating Your Small Business SEO Plan

    … Maybe you run a small business. Or you’re part of a small team. Either way, search engine optimization is often the thing that falls to the wayside first when you’re a little fish. And I get that. You’re busy doing what you love, serving your customers and trying to grow your business. But proper attention to SEO is how you’ll grow that business…

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