Small Business Tips

  • Effective Lines of Credit Available for Startup Businesses

    … When it comes to starting a business, one of the biggest reasons why some see success and some don’t boils down to one word: flexibility. The ability to have options is something that most businesses with relatively high startup capital tend to take for granted, but there are plenty of small businesses out there with no such luxury. This results…

    Erik Emanuelli/ 7 readers -
  • Improve Your Reputations Using These 5 Off Page Techniques

    … and participate actively. Reply to threads, offer advice and answer their questions. When you start answering questions, you look like an expert. Leave engaging and thoughtful comments but try not to spam the post. This way you can generate organic traffic and improve your online reputation.… 6 readers -
  • Getting Your Finances In Order Before Your Self-employed Journey

    … We’ve just spoken about the long-term, but in terms of the here-and-now you should always make sure that you have enough to pay yourself a livable salary for the first six months that you take your self-employed steps. Most businesses make very little money during this initial period. Sure, you might have already covered the groundwork, but it’s…

    Erik Emanuelli/ 12 readers -
  • What Should You Consider Before Taking Out a Small Business Loan

    … the lender with information about your business model, finances, and future plans. That’s why you need to know in advance how you’ll be using the cash. For example, you may show how the loan is going to be used to hire additional staff, purchase new equipment, or expand your business location. Get Familiar With Your Credit Score Before getting a small…

    Erik Emanuelli/ 23 readers -
  • Getting Full Control Of Your Finances

    … free—that’s one strategy. The debt is bitter, but what is sweet is that a little elbow grease and determination can make you free. As you consider getting a more tight reign on your finances, one of your first steps should be to design a budget within which you can most comfortably function. Look at your monthly income. Are you a single breadwinner…

    Erik Emanuelli/ 12 readers -
  • 3 Things You Must Know for a Successful Social Media Marketing Career

    … Are you a digital or social marketer wanting to progress in your business and marketing career? Do you find yourself getting stuck, getting passed over for promotions? Do you often find it hard to win budgets, grow your team or simply justify your own job? Or it could be you are having a hard time landing or even keeping the job in the first…

    Pam Marketing Nutin Social- 25 readers -
  • Facebook Advertising: 5 Things You Must do Before Spending 1 Dollar

    … to get rich and famous overnight using Facebook marketing. The sad truth is these same experts are confusing new social media marketers more than helping. Although there is no guarantee that you will reach your target customer on any media today, including Facebook advertising, there are definitely strategies and tactics that can help you achieve…

    Pam Marketing Nutin Social Facebook- 13 readers -
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