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    • Wasp Barcode 2017 State of Small Business Report

      Wasp Barcode 2017 State of Small Business Report January 18, 2017 By Erik Emanuelli Leave a Comment Since three years, Wasp Barcode is gathering information among small businesses owners and executive leaders in different markets, creating their State of Small Business Report. You may want to check the results of this survey for 2017, as it delivers an overall understandin ...

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    • Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

      The first of the year is when everyone is super motivated. You have it all planned out how you’re going to network more, produce more content, start cooking more and go to the gym five days a week. This all sounds great during the first few weeks of the year but sooner or later life starts getting in the way.

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  • How You Can Achieve Self-Motivation and Why It Is the Key to Success

    … greater intuition than those who are not born that way. Such people also have a natural talent for business. On the other hand, there are those who argue that natural talent is irrelevant. Researchers Ericsson, Krampe, and Tech-Romer believe that success is purely built on purposeful, thoughtful, and intense effort. There is a study by David…

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  • What Effective Accounting Can Do for Your Business

    … as an accountant. However, you may prefer someone who has specialized knowledge and experience advising small business owners. Look carefully at your accountant’s credentials and don’t underestimate a degree earned online. UAB online offers rigorous accounting courses, and there are many accredited institutions that allow you to earn your accounting masters…

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  • 7 Tips for Managing a Virtual Team

    … Business owners are always trying to figure out the most effective ways to manage their teams. Coming up with the perfect system can be challenging because people change and the way business is conducted changes as well. The world is constantly evolving and we have to learn how to adapt. Now that so many people are working remotely, business…

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  • 10 Things You Need to Do Before Starting Your Own Business

    … this advice to determine how much cash your small business should have. 4. Understand your own strengths, skills, and time available Know when you need to engage an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, marketing specialist, web page designer, or other professional. This will start your management process as a business owner. Constant Contact…

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  • 4 Amazing Gadgets to Help You Work Smarter

    … With the world of business becoming an increasingly competitive domain, the onus is on businessmen and women to seek as many advantages as possible. There are meetings to attend, strategies to devise, and key decisions to make. Time is one of the greatest resources when it comes to running the day-to-day operations of a business…

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  • 7 Ways Apex Can Help You with Your Holiday Marketing

    … Where has 2016 gone? Thanksgiving is in our rear view mirrors and Christmas is right around the corner. For some people this means slowing down on work and getting ready to enjoy the holidays and entertaining family. For business owner, it means that and so much more. Some entrepreneurs find themselves burned out and exhausted by the time…

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  • Do You Know What Your Customers Really Want?

    … Everyone knows that a business can’t function without customers. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product, the slickest marketing strategies, and the most productive office. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. It’s a simple as that. This makes it all the more bizarre that so few business owners take the time to ask…

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  • What is a Cash Mob and How to Make Yours a Success

    … Looking for a new way to encourage your community to shop small? Want to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local businesses? A cash mob is the perfect way to rally your community, create excitement, and drive sales. This year, we sponsored three successful cash mobs to entice holiday shoppers to shop small at: Portland…

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  • Blowfish Business: Make Yourself Look Bigger!

    … Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, but seen as you’re reading this I’ll assume that you’re running a fairly small operation. While there are some truly brilliant small businesses out there, I’m sure you’ll agree that most people feel a little safer buying from a larger, more established company. You can’t make your start-up a multi…

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