• Does Height Really Determine Career Success?

    … likely have had from a young age. Indeed, histories of US presidents—which I documented in Smartcuts re: how success correlates with age and experience—indicate that successful presidents were confident go-getters who had the gall to defy normal paths and procedures. And the short actors? Success and confidence in Hollywood clearly have…

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  • The Big Reason It Might Be Time to Quit Your Job

    …. And as I document in my book, the most terrible U.S. presidents tend to be the ones who spend the most time paying dues and being loyal to their parties. When Andrew Johnson got to the White House in 1865 after 30+ years in Congress, he nearly botched Reconstruction and ruined the country because he was unwilling to do things differently than he’d…

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  • Why Realistic Goals May Be the Biggest Thing Holding You Back

    …-for-the-stars goal-setting, workers need two key things: feedback—so we know where we are regarding the goal, and self-efficacy—belief in our own competence. Without those two things, any goal is worthless from a statistical perspective. In Smartcuts, I write about how, paradoxically, innovation history shows that it’s easier to build a big business than…

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  • 12 Quotes That Will Help You Work Smarter

    …, Smartcuts. I hope some of these inspire you to think a little differently about the work you’re doing, too! Tweet this. “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty if you think you can make a better glass.” #smartcuts “Noticing the little things can help us conquer the big ones.” #smartcuts Tweet this. “Great stories build…

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  • What’s the Secret to Apple’s Innovation? Bad Ideas

    … a product or come up with a new idea has an unfair advantage over those who try to copy. However, it turns out that first-mover advantage is not an advantage at all! As I explored in Smartcuts, research from the University of Southern California shows that 47 percent of first-movers in business fail outright. More than half the time, however, it’s…

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  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Content Strategy

    Submit a Q and get an A Some nerds play Xbox or memorize X-Men backstories. The nerds at Contently spend all day thinking about content strategy. To spread the nerd love, we’ve decided to hold what we’re calling The Content Strategy MegaQ&A, where the Contently content team will answer any and all questions you throw at us about the world of content strategy (or other things, if you want).

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  • Leveraging Platforms for More Powerful Content

    … that of the data analyst. Some could even argue that data analysis is the most crucial newsroom skill today. The third of Contently co-founder Shane Snow’s webinars, inspired by the upcoming launch of his book Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success, examines the third arm of the Content Strategy Flywheel: optimization of data…

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  • How ‘Smartcuts’ Can Change Your Content Marketing

    For the past 18 months, I’ve been secretly writing a book. As co-founder of a fast-growing company, it seemed like an insane thing for me to do.[1] I’ve spent nearly every evening, weekend, and holiday since early 2013 buried in research or staring at a blinking cursor instead of watching Game of Thrones with the rest of humanity.

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