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  • Sponsored Content: Using Your Website as a Customer Engagement Tool

    … This post is the third in a new sponsored series from Vivial. Customer engagement is all the rage. As behavior and preferences are shifting, the marketing world is recognizing that today’s consumer is not interested in a sales pitch. Instead, today’s consumer wants personalization, useful information and content that helps make a connection…

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  • How Much Do You Know About Your SMB Customers?

    … strategies. Here’s a handy sneak-peek: Q: Where do merchants struggle most and how can service providers help? A: With all signs pointing to measurement and reporting as the chief challenge for SMBs in managing their local digital marketing spend, there is much discussion to be had around what exactly merchants are looking for in the way of support…

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  • Ecommerce Is a $341.7 Billion-dollar Industry — Can SMBs Get a Piece of the Pie?

    …. If you can leverage your “human element” online, you win. How to start SMB commerce: Disclaimer: It has to be first stated that running an e-commerce site can be a lot of work. Quite honestly, it may not be a responsibility that SMBs are ready to add to their increasingly busy days. If you haven’t already invested in the basics of online presence…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Local Marketing Will Mature in 2016

    …. Here’s a look at five ways SMB local marketing will mature in the coming year: SMBs will get serious about mobile. Local and mobile go hand in hand, as more consumers than ever use their mobile phones when they are making shopping decisions in their immediate area. With more consumers living on their phones and Google’s revised algorithms…

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  • Report: Executive Survey on Hyperlocal Tech and Tactics

    … bundling point products into an integrated marketing and commerce solution presents the benefits of functional integration, better analytics, upselling opportunities, margins and service remain hard. We see an opportunity for a new breed of local services portal. The industry could use a few hubs for demand generation, integration, and fulfillment…

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  • In Local Marketing, ‘Obsolete’ Is All Relative

    … we define obsolete when it comes to marketing technologies isn’t always useful in industries where many if not most local small business owners are “behind the times.” When your competition hasn’t embraced older technology or marketing techniques, you don’t have to be on the cutting edge to benefit. You just need to be doing more with the tools…

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  • The Privatization of Local Search

    … content overwhelm useful information. It comes to seem like a cash grab rather than a tool, eroding the very value proposition the paid service was designed to leverage. This is a story that doesn’t end well for businesses, consumers, or Yahoo itself. Local listings management is a form of marketing, to be sure. Businesses should do everything…

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  • DEBATE: The Marketing of SMB Marketing Solutions

    … of the various models is best — do-it-yourself (DIY), do-it-for-me (DIFM), or the middle-ground option, do-it-with-me (DIFM) — have been raging in digital marketing circles for years. For a host of reasons, DIY would seem to be the logical winning choice, and yet, as our own research has shown, SMBs regularly say they lack the time and resources…

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Complex SMB Marketing Ecosystem 2.0

    …, reading articles, or, at the opposite extreme, ignoring digital options entirely. Because my last article on the SMB marketing ecosystem received so much attention, this follow-up provides SMBs with additional information to determine the most popular digital marketing vendors. Simply stated: There is wisdom in the crowd. If more people follow…

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