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  • 5 Reasons Why Local Marketing Will Mature in 2016

    … a steep learning curve. In 2016, we will see a shift away from many of these discreet, single-purpose tools toward more comprehensive marketing solutions. The small businesses that choose digital marketing solutions that offer the greatest impact on mobile and online customers and require the least amount of effort to use are the ones that will thrive…

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  • Report: Executive Survey on Hyperlocal Tech and Tactics

    … What’s on the mind of technology and marketing suppliers targeting the connected local economy? According to Street Fight Insights analysis, they’re keen on mobile — perhaps too keen — but struggling with their own companies’ brand awareness. Street Fight wanted to get a quick snapshot of what’s on the minds of companies selling technology…

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  • #SFSNYC VIDEO: Opening Keynote

    … #SFSNYC VIDEO: Opening Keynote November 2, 2015 by Noah Elkin Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC Booker CEO Josh McCarter Booker CEO Josh McCarter opened his Street Fight Summit keynote address with a question that’s on the minds of many small business solutions providers: “How do you take a system that’s designed for one vertical…

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  • DEBATE: The Marketing of SMB Marketing Solutions

    … of the various models is best — do-it-yourself (DIY), do-it-for-me (DIFM), or the middle-ground option, do-it-with-me (DIFM) — have been raging in digital marketing circles for years. For a host of reasons, DIY would seem to be the logical winning choice, and yet, as our own research has shown, SMBs regularly say they lack the time and resources…

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  • SMBs and Self-Service: Are We There Yet?

    … recently. It too is coming to the conclusion it needs partners with reach into the SMB market. Despite the challenges and failures of countless local-market startups, many industry observers continue to argue that DIY at scale is just around the corner. The “DIY bears” push back by pointing out that most SMBs lack the time, desire, or expertise to do…

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  • 6 Strategies for Improving Email Pitches to SMBs

    … is a viable solution, we set an implementation plan that tackles our three key cornerstones: software, hardware, and processing.” (SJ Kim, iConnect POS) 6. Follow up after each milestone. “You should follow up [with potential clients] each time you reach a major business milestone. For example, once you get great launch PR, it’s much easier to pitch. Shoot…

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Complex SMB Marketing Ecosystem 2.0

    …, reading articles, or, at the opposite extreme, ignoring digital options entirely. Because my last article on the SMB marketing ecosystem received so much attention, this follow-up provides SMBs with additional information to determine the most popular digital marketing vendors. Simply stated: There is wisdom in the crowd. If more people follow…

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  • Better Use of Data Could Dramatically Alter Local Digital Sales

    … First-party data, third-party data, big data, smart data: Whatever the type, data is a core principle of digital marketing today. Yet when it comes to local, big data has not penetrated very deeply into marketing, particularly where the sales process is concerned. The efforts of local marketing vendors and media sellers have remained fairly…

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  • ShopKeep’s Richelson: You Have to Specialize, Then Grow

    … to become all-in-one — or at least many-things-in-one — solutions. Cloud-based point-of-sale system ShopKeep, which began as POS software and now provides hardware, payments, marketing, and analytics, is an example of this trend. Founder Jason Richelson spoke recently about the company’s move beyond the software space and how cloud computing is changing…

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